11 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

11 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Grab your gal pals and celebrate each other this Galentine’s Day with these eleven ideas.

What Is Galentine's Day?

It’s Valentine’s Day for you and your best gals! Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to gather your gal pals together and show your best friends how much you love and appreciate them. It's typically celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, but we think you can celebrate it whenever you want. We know it can be difficult sometimes to catch up with your closest friends, so we created this helpful guide to assist you in planning the perfect Galentines for you and yours.

1.) Have a Wine and Cheese Night

Host a romantic wine and cheese night at home for your gals. Make it dress-up and wear your best special occasion dress, or dress down and lounge in your sweats together. Have a wine exchange, where everyone brings an extra bottle of their favorite wine for someone else in the group. Have tastings paired with cheeses or chocolates. Indulge in this holiday.

2.) Have a Movie Night

Host a fun movie night for Galentine’s Day. Binge your favorite Romcoms, or watch some classic old romantic dramas. Make sure to stock up on snacks. No Galentine’s Day movie night would be complete without fresh, buttery popcorn and some decadent Valentine’s Day candy. Get your friends matching pajamas in sets to wear for movie night.

3.) Paint and Sip

A paint and sip is the ultimate girl’s night fun. Get together at an official paint and sip place with an instructor or host your own.

4.) Host a Game Night

Have a super fun game night. Play old-school board games, or get physical with games like charades. And, of course, don't forget the snacks.

5.) Take a Dance Class

Speaking of getting physical, a dance class is a great bonding experience for a group of friends. Ever wanted to learn ballroom dance? Grab your women’s activewear and finally sign up for a dance class with your friends this Galentine’s Day and make the learning experience extra fun.

6.) Make It a Whole Weekend Getaway Celebration

Plan to commit a whole weekend to your loving friend group this year. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and escape to the beach or mountains together for a weekend. If travel isn’t on the table, rent out a cute bed and breakfast nearby for a whole weekend of bonding and relaxation.

7.) Have a Sleepover

Perhaps you and your crew would love to have a whole weekend getaway, but it's just not an option right now. Host a cute and cozy sleepover party for your gals. This way, you can combine your wine night and movie night, and nobody has to worry about driving home late. Comfy sweats mandatory.

8.) Spa Day

Take the time out of your day to fully relax and have a spa day with your besties. If you cannot afford a full day at a professional spa, host a spa day at your home to relax and luxuriate on a budget. Make your own facemasks and give each other man-pedis and neck rubs. Champagne optional.

9.) Host a Tea Party

Get your gals dressed up for an adorable afternoon of nibbling tiny cucumber sandwiches and sipping tea and bubbly, pinkies out. If the weather permits, tea parties are best had in a park or garden.

10.) Make an Arts and Crafts Project Together

For the ultimate Galentine’s Day bonding experience, create something together. This could be as simple as grabbing the kid’s arts and crafts supplies and cracking open a bottle of wine to create some fun silly things with pipe cleaners. You could also build a birdhouse, decorate mirrors, or bedazzle clothing and canvas tote bags. Make each other Valentine’s Cards! Get creative.

11.) Go to Brunch

Probably the most obvious, yet classic, Galentine’s Day option is to get together for brunch. Brunch is also the perfect opportunity to show off your cutest sweater dress. Make a reservation for you and your closest friends at your favorite brunch spot and have an afternoon full of mimosas and sweet present-swapping.

We tend to think of Valentine's Day as a day for lovers and significant others, but it's the perfect opportunity to show your friends how much they mean to you. From an at-home spa day, yummy DIY face masks and neck rubs, to goofy game nights to full-on girl’s-only weekend getaways, there's an ideal Galentine’s Day option for everyone. Happy Galentine's Day!


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