Five Ways to Beat the Heat Away from Summer Sun

Five Ways to Beat the Heat Away from Summer Sun

Even if summer is your favorite season, the heat can be far too much on some days to make it enjoyable. Add the risk of sunburn and heatstroke, and hot summer days can even be dangerous. You can still enjoy the benefits of summer, however, without being outside in the hot sun. After all, it’s still better than the short days of winter when you have to bundle up in layers to even be able to go outside. But when you need a break from the heat, you’ll want to have some options ready. When the summer sun becomes too much, here are five tried and true ways to beat the heat.

Go to a Local Museum

You may find that sunny summer days are the best days to visit your local museum. That’s because many people tend to either stay indoors or hit the pool or beach when it is hot out. Therefore, you’ll practically have the museum to yourself, allowing you to avoid long lines and crowds of people. As a bonus, museums are typically air-conditioned, so you’ll feel comfortable walking around without overheating (and without the need to carry around a heavy jacket as you would during winter). Just be sure to take along a cardigan sweater or flannel shirt to tie around your waist to have handy in case the A/C is a little too cold. Check the museum’s website or social media in advance to see if any discounts are available for becoming a member as well. You may be able to visit all summer while saving lots of money if you purchase a membership.

Visit Family

Chances are if you’re trying to enjoy summer while escaping the hot sun, other people are as well. Consider contacting other family members to see if they want to get together and reconnect. Offer to host them yourself or to take a dish to their home so you can enjoy a meal together. Maybe play some board games and enjoy some iced tea under a covered porch. Don’t just sit at home feeling miserable and lonely. Chances are if there is one hot day, there are more to follow, so don’t let it interfere with quality family time.

Go to an Indoor Waterpark

All over the country, indoor waterparks are a popular way to enjoy the water in the safety of a climate-controlled environment, without the risk of sunburn. If there’s one within a reasonable driving distance, consider throwing on your swimsuit, a swimsuit cover-up, and some flip-flops, and head over early in the day so you can get a good seat by the pool. If you have kids, they’ll be thrilled to spend the day at an indoor waterpark, and you’ll be happy knowing you got them away from their electronic devices for a day.

Stay at a Nice Hotel

Even better than an indoor waterpark is a hotel with an indoor waterpark. Why not splurge when the weather begs for a reprieve from the heat? Or, if a waterpark isn’t important to you, consider staying at a boutique hotel that offers services you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to. This could include an on-site spa, a classy restaurant, or both. When the weather forecast looks steamy, simply have your weekend bag ready to go, as well as an all-purpose summer dress you can throw on for any occasion, whether getting a pedicure or going to dinner. Budgeting for these little getaways during wintertime will ensure you’re financially prepared for an impromptu and well-deserved trip away from home.

Have a Staycation

One often-overlooked idea for escaping the summer sun is to have a staycation. No, this doesn’t mean simply sitting around complaining about the heat. Instead, it involves making your home a welcoming environment that you don’t even want to leave. For example (and this is fun if you have kids), you may want to make an announcement that the weather forecast looks scorching, so you’re all going to have a “vacation at home.” Consider building an indoor fort with blankets, for example. You can enforce strict no-cooking rules too, since it will be too hot to turn on the oven, meaning you can order pizza or whatever you want to have delivered to the house.

Have all your favorite movies and games ready too, especially the ones you don’t make the time to play anymore. You may find that your mini staycation is even more enjoyable than a vacation you have to leave the house for. Plus, you can all wear your favorite comfy clothes or pajamas without having to worry about how you or your kids look.

Don’t let the hot summer sun ruin your day. With these ideas, you can enjoy summer comfortably, no matter what the weather throws at you.

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