Versatile Clothing You Can Wear All Year

Versatile Clothing You Can Wear All Year

There are certain items of clothing that we could wear every single day without fail if it were an option, like your favorite pair of women's jeans. But denim isn’t the only thing that’s perfect to wear no matter the season. There’s a wide variety of stand-by items that won’t need to go in storage when the seasons shift that you can wear consistently throughout the year. Many of these items are great on their own or can be paired with other clothing or layered to make them more weather-appropriate. Getting creative with your favorite clothes allows you to enjoy them no matter the weather. Become a sustainable fashion pro, invest in high-quality, and enjoy versatile pieces that are ideal any day of the year.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are endlessly flattering for any body type, allowing us to show off our ankles (or cute socks) in any season and highlighting a bold footwear choice. We particularly like them with a heeled boot or loafer in the fall or winter, and they’re perfect with sandals, sneakers, or flats come spring. Cropped pants are great in a mid- or high-waisted pants style, depending on what you’re pairing it with. We particularly like tucking a t-shirt into high-waisted cropped pants in the spring or summer or pairing them with a cardigan or pull-over sweater in the fall or winter. They also serve as wonderful business casual work pants, adding a little flair to the usual trouser style.

The Flowy Dress

The long flowy dress is one of our favorite items to transition from one season to another—wearing it with tights and boots in the winter is perfect for a holiday party or day at the office, and in the spring and summer, you can ditch the tights and pair it with a cute pair of flats or heeled sandals to make it picnic-ready. Its loose cut makes it airy and breathable in the warmer seasons while also allowing you to easily layer a turtleneck or long-sleeve shirt underneath when it gets chilly. Choosing a fun jewel tone is a great way to go when it comes to the long flowy dress. Jewel tones are deep and seasonal enough to work for winter, suggesting the fun colors of Christmas ornaments. But they’re also bright enough to wear in the spring or summer—a jewel-toned mustard or marigold yellow-orange is perfect for a sunny spring day.

The Short-Sleeve Blouse

A little lighter than its long-sleeve cousin, the short-sleeve women's shirt is a sleeper hit when it comes to all-year versatility. Come spring and summer, wear a gorgeous short-sleeve button-down collared shirt with jeans, shorts, or a skirt to give your outfit a slightly more polished look, perfect for a bridal shower or work event. And in the fall and winter, layer your short-sleeve tunic or button-down under a cardigan, or peek out under a v-neck cardigan, for a super put-together look for the holidays or a day at the office.

The Tank Top

When we find a tank top we love, we buy a few to have on hand. We just find that there’s almost never a time when we don’t want to have on one of these light tops—in the summer, we’re wearing it with shorts, a skirt, or jeans every day. Its barely-there cut lets us enjoy the warmer weather without sweating through our clothes, and a classic scoop-neck tank goes with just about everything. But when the weather starts to cool down, we aren’t packing away our tanks. These tops are perfect under a cardigan at work, under a long-sleeve button-down, or beneath a heavy turtleneck sweater. A soft cotton tank feels great up against your skin, especially when those heavy wool sweaters come out—wearing them alone is a little too hot on our skin, and the tank top works as the perfect intermediate layer.

The Romper

Living up to its name, the romper is the outfit we want to wear on any adventure, from the winter to the summer. A sleeveless romper is a great pick for a summer trip to the park. Its movable cut keeps us feeling comfortable and secure no matter what the day brings. And it’s perfect for the winter when we still want to bring a little fun to our wardrobe—just pair it with a turtleneck and you still have all the great benefits of a summer outfit, with some extra warmth mixed in.

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