Perfect Gifts for Him This Valentine’s Day

Perfect Gifts for Him This Valentine’s Day

Not sure what to get your guy this Valentine’s Day? Keep it simple by giving him something he can use, such as apparel or home decor. Any item — even a pair of socks — can be a romantic gift when you include a card that expresses your feelings. Read on for Valentine’s gifts for him that are sure to surprise the special man in your life and let your guy know how much you appreciate him.

Go Classic With a Shirt and Tie

If your guy likes timeless apparel that never goes out of style, get him a button-up shirt and tie. Every man can use a new dress shirt and matching tie, whether or not he works in an office setting. There’s always an occasion to dress up, whether it’s a night at a five-star restaurant or a friend’s wedding. Your guy will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and he’s sure to like the fact that you picked out something that you’d like to see him wear.

Men’s dress shirts come in high-quality materials such as Supima cotton, which is prized for its softness and durability. If you want a shirt that goes with literally everything, you can’t go wrong with white or soft blue. If your guy loves bold colors, consider a dress shirt in a vibrant plaid print or a rich jewel tone.

When it comes to ties, there’s a vast assortment of options to consider. Choose from solid and patterned ties or get him one of each. If he wears a tie to work every day, then there’s no such thing as a tie collection that’s too big. Get him one in his favorite color or break him out of his fashion comfort zone by choosing something he wouldn’t normally go for.

Keep Him Casual With Loungewear

Another option is to give your guy an outfit for relaxing, such as a pair of comfy elastic-waist shorts and a T-shirt. Men’s polo shirts work for this type of outfit, too. There’s so much versatility as well; he can wear it to the gym or when he’s out running errands. And of course, the shorts-and-tee combo is perfect for casual weekends at home, whether he’s watching the game or tackling his to-do list.

You might also want to consider pajamas or a robe when shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift. He’ll feel like royalty when you give him a plush robe made from a luxe material like Turkish terrycloth. This type of robe can be found in an array of colors, so you’ll be able to find one your guy will like. These robes are great for wearing after a shower or slipping on over pj’s for an extra layer of warmth on cold mornings. You might even want to include a pair of fuzzy slippers to keep his feet warm and cozy.

Warm Him Up With a Fleece Jacket

A men’s fleece jacket is another gift you may want to think about getting your guy this year. Fleece jackets are a classic option that goes with everything, so he can wear one with trousers, jeans, or shorts. They come in pullover and zippered styles, and they’re available in colors to coordinate with his wardrobe. February is a great time to give him a fleece jacket because he can wear it as winter turns into spring. A jacket made of lightweight fleece is great for cool evenings when it’s not cold enough for a heavy coat. He can wear it for a casual date night as well, such as dinner at your favorite restaurant or a trip to the movies.

Gift Your Guy With Personalized Decor

Choose monogrammed bath towels or a monogrammed sheet set for a personalized gift that’s also incredibly useful. There are bath towels crafted from plush, absorbent materials that you can have embroidered with initials for a look reminiscent of a luxury hotel. When it comes to sheets, there are sets made from high-quality fabrics like organic flannel, linen, and Supima cotton that can be personalized to match. You might even want to get your own set once you see how luxurious these pieces look and feel.

Treat Him to a Tech Bag

For the guy who travels a lot, the Valentine's gift for him is a laptop backpack that lets him safely carry his laptop. These bags come in a variety of styles. There are backpacks with laptop compartments, along with briefcase-style bags for the man who prefers a more formal look. No matter what kind of tech bag you get him, he’ll love that his laptop stays protected by thick, shock-absorbent padding.

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts for him, it’s the thought that counts. The perfect gift is the one that comes from the heart, so choose something that lets your guy know you’re thinking of him. To create a romantic presentation, put your gift in a wrapped box or gift bag lined with tissue paper in his favorite color.


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