Vacation 101: What to Pack for a Quick Beach Getaway

Vacation 101: What to Pack for a Quick Beach Getaway

If the madness of work, or life in general, is telling you that you need a vacation now, running away to the sea is a delightfully romantic escape. Plus, the warm summer season is the perfect time to go! If you are stealing a weekend to bask in the sand or squeezing in a full week of beach time with friends or family, you’ll need to be ready. Here is your Vacation 101 with what you need to pack for your beach getaway.

Beautiful Beach Wear

One cannot go to the beach without a bathing suit! Whether you are splashing in the water, surfing the waves, or playing on the shore, you need something cute to wear.

If you are of the athletic variety, a person who loves beach volleyball, or can’t wait to get a board in the water, consider a one-piece swimsuit that you know won’t go anywhere. If you prefer two pieces, pick a bikini with ties so you can tighten and double-knot for peace of mind. If you are a guy, look for swim shorts that are loose enough to allow you to access your full range of motion with an elastic waist and a waist tie to keep your swimsuit where you want it.

If you are of the lounging type, a person who just wants to relax, soak up the sun, and work on those tan lines, look for strapless swimsuits. For the fullest exposure, go with a bandeau swim top and low-rise bikini bottoms with ties. If you want a little more coverage, try a strapless one-piece swimsuit. Whichever of these options catches your eye, don’t forget to bring those straps along in case you need them.

Trying to find a happy medium? Consider wearing your athletic razorback suit underneath a cute beach coverup for when the sports are done, and you just want to sit and unwind on the shore. Alternatively, you could go in your sunbathing swimsuit and bring along a rash guard and swim shorts for more energetic activities and games. If you are a guy, the rash guard is a great option for sun protection.

Some Practical Sunscreen

Speaking of sun protection, you definitely need some sunscreen if you are going to be at the beach. Even if your vacation is just a day or two, if those days involve spending hours in the sun, sunscreen is definitely a requirement. You want your trip to be full of good summer memories. If you get sunburned badly enough, you may make those memories, but they are likely to be overshadowed by the following week of blisters and irritated skin. If you are one of those who can’t remember to apply sunscreen, set an alarm, stay in the shade, or opt for the rash guard we mentioned.

A Cute Beach Tote

Where are you going to carry your beach clothes, sunscreen, and beach towel? In a beach bag tote, of course! Beach totes are generally quite large, meaning you can bring whatever you need. Plus, they were made for the harsh sand and salt of a beach environment, so you know yours will protect your stuff from the elements. In addition, if you are flying, they can make decent carry-on bags that can have you beach-ready the moment you arrive.

An Outfit a Day...

Technically, your bathing suit is an outfit; however, you may want something else to wear in case you have plans beyond hanging out by the sea. Still, this is a quick trip, so overpacking isn’t necessary if you can use what you have. Consider choosing a tankini as your swimsuit and having it double as a tank top when combined with a pair of shorts. You can also find beach coverups that basically look and function like dresses. If those outfits aren’t enough to cover your beach vacation, you will need more pieces. A good rule of thumb is to bring along enough pieces to create one outfit per day, not counting your bathing suit or your beach coverup. That should give you some options if you are one of those who overpack because the future is uncertain.

Your Daily Necessities

After your beachwear, your beach supplies, and your clothes are taken care of, remember to bring your daily necessities. This includes dental hygiene items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, as well as skincare and beauty products including (but not limited to) face wash, makeup, and makeup remover, a razor, and deodorant.

If you have all of these things in your suitcase, and your travel route or plane ticket is in hand, you have completed your Vacation 101 and are ready to go have a great time!


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