Updating Your Bed for Winter

Updating Your Bed for Winter

Updating your bed for winter is a wonderful way to practice self-care. When the winter chill is in the air, you'll want to be comfy and cozy. Let’s look at how to increase the creature comforts of your home by updating your bed for winter.

Fall Into Flannel

First, the flannel. If you don’t already have flannel sheets on your bed, they're a great way to create a comfy and cozy environment for sweet dreams. Cotton flannel sheets are naturally soft and warm because of the way flannel is made. The fabric is “napped” or brushed which creates a fluffy softness. Flannel also wicks moisture and it's naturally warm.

Flannel sheets are a great winter refresh for the whole family. Your loved ones will appreciate the snuggly softness of flannel sheets. Because flannel breathes, it's ideal for both hot sleepers and cold sleepers.

Bundle Up in Blankets

What are the best blankets to have on your bed? The ones that will work for you. Are you a cold sleeper, a hot sleeper, or somewhere in between? If you're partnered, what is their preferred temperature for sleeping? You’ll want blankets that create the temperature that you want while being the softest available. Fleece blankets are a nice option because they're super soft, warm, and breathable.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool are also good choices for blankets, as they breathe. When choosing the size of blankets for your bed, many people like to just choose the size of their mattress, but keep in mind that some also go up a size in blankets and comforters for an oversized luxurious look and even more blankets for bundling.

Dive Into Duvets

How about a new down comforter and a duvet cover for winter? Adding a new duvet is almost like redecorating your bedroom because in most bedrooms the bed is both the focal point of the room and also the largest visual piece. What sounds fun? Perhaps a gorgeous winter white for a spa-like feel? Maybe something bright and cheery to add warmth and change things up?

Choosing a lightweight down comforter and then updating it for a new season with a new duvet cover can be a nice way to refresh your bedroom for winter (as well as spring when the time comes). A solid-colored duvet in a classic neutral can have a calming effect, while a fun pattern is an instant pick-me-up. Blue is a classic color for bedrooms because it looks serene.

Plump Up the Pillows

When was the last time that you replaced the pillows on your bed? If you can’t recall, it may be time to replace them. Whether you keep the pillows that you have, add to them, or start fresh with a new batch, think about how many pillows you like to have on your bed. How many do you need for sleeping comfortably? Do you like to have pillows to prop yourself up while sipping coffee and reading the newspaper in bed? How many pillows do you like from an aesthetic standpoint when your bed is made up? How about adding new throw pillows for winter?

Whether you add to your pillow collection or work with what you already have, be sure to care for them well. Check the manufacturer’s tags on the pillows (unless you've already cut them off, which is fine). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. If you no longer have these, do an internet search based on the fabric content of your pillows or ask your dry cleaner for advice. Laundering pillows occasionally and plumping them up every time you make your bed will make them last longer and keep them looking great.

Nestle Into Nightwear

Now that your bed is updated for winter, you'll want to take the coziness of your nightwear up a notch, too. How about a new pair of flannel pajamas with a coordinating robe and slippers? If you’re more of a nightgown gal, keep cotton flannel and other natural fibers in mind, too. You’re always comfier when the fabric next to your skin breathes.

New nightwear is a great idea for everyone in the family (and makes the perfect gift). Whether you opt for holiday photos in matching pajamas or just get everyone something super soft to keep them warm this winter, consider adding new family pajamas to your shopping list. Flannel pajamas are not only great for sleeping, but they're also perfect for family game nights and movie nights, too.

Updating your bed for winter is a wonderful gift to give yourself. By adding some extra warmth and softness while updating the look of your bed, you’re sure to have the sweet dreams that you deserve.


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