Father's Day Fashion: How to Update Dad's Wardrobe

Father's Day Fashion: How to Update Dad's Wardrobe

Men tend to fall into two different camps when it comes to their wardrobe: those who are picky about what they wear and those who have worn the same clothing for decades without a care in the world. There’s nothing wrong with either, of course. Men who are picky about what they wear want to look stylish and feel confident in their attire. In contrast, men who aren’t as picky possibly prefer timeless apparel that never goes out of style, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. That doesn’t mean that either type of man wouldn’t appreciate an update to their wardrobe, though. Why not surprise the dad in your life with a wardrobe update just in time for Father’s Day?

Not Your Average Polo Shirt

Men’s polo shirts aren’t what they used to be. In the past, many were made of a thick, durable, and somewhat heavy polyester blend. They looked good but didn’t always feel good, especially during summertime when the heat is excessive. These days, polo shirts are made for a variety of purposes and come in a variety of styles. There are long-sleeved polos, short-sleeved polos, and even banded bottom polos. There are some made of Supima cotton, some made of special moisture-wicking blends for sports or other physical activities, and some made with classic mesh, making them virtually shrink-proof. Think of what the dad in your life could use for his lifestyle, and check out the options and colors that could help transform his wardrobe.

Some Fun Summer Shorts

Even the most serious dads might appreciate something that goes against their normal style standards. And one popular item of clothing that lets them celebrate their “not your average dad” side is a pair of fun summer shorts in a pattern or color that they wouldn’t normally wear. Pinks, greens, flamingos, sharks, sloths … anything goes. But the fun factor isn’t everything. They also need to be comfortable as well, of course. But with the right balance of comfort, style, and fun, he’ll be happy to find a new pair of fun summer shorts in his wardrobe.

A Stylish Top

Some men prefer to wear the same style of top over and over again. And you can’t blame them for finding something they like and sticking with it. But styles change — and oftentimes for the better. For example, half-zip top is a stylish option that dad might not even know about. With a neckline deeper than a polo and shorter than a traditional zip-up hoodie or sweater, it looks quite stylish and can even be worn for dressy occasions.

Activewear for the Active Dad

Men’s workout clothes are an often overlooked gift for dads. For the active dad, think about how tough he is on his workout clothes. These are some of the items he goes through the quickest but probably hasn’t updated in a while if he doesn’t often shop for himself. He’d be amazed to see how far workout clothes have come, as they continuously evolve to become more moisture-resistant, odor-fighting, durable, and stylish.

Some Multipurpose Sneakers

Another great gift idea is some men’s shoes he can wear when he's running errands, going out with the guys, or even going on a date. For example, a pair of casual leather sneakers can not only look trendy but feel amazing on his feet all day, meaning there’s no reason to change from one pair of shoes to another just because his day takes him in different directions. If you know his shoe size, some new shoes can make a great gift for Father’s Day.

Perfect Pajamas

As practical as dads can be, it’s quite common that they don’t often think about buying new pajamas on a regular basis. After all, that old concert T-shirt he’s been wearing to bed for the past 15 years might be faded, stretched out, and thinned to the point of being see-through, but if nobody’s complaining, why bother getting a new one? The truth is what we wear to bed greatly influences the quality of our sleep, so if he’s wearing something that isn’t necessarily comfortable anymore or isn’t even meant for bed, he might not realize that’s the reason he’s tossing and turning at nighttime. Giving him a new pajama set for summer is a great way to show him how great of a gift pajamas can be.

This Father’s Day, the dad in your life will surely appreciate having someone else help with his wardrobe so he can look and feel like his best self.


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