Best Unisex Birthday Gifts

Best Unisex Birthday Gifts

It can be hard to pick out a birthday gift for a friend or family member, and gender-neutral gifts can feel like even more of a challenge.

As a society, we customarily get items like jewelry for women and things like ties for men. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Many gifts are gender-neutral and are sure to excite the gift receiver—especially if they aren’t the kind of person who identifies with a certain gender or just looking for something that doesn’t scream “boy” or “girl."

First of All, What Is a Unisex Gift?

According to Merriam-Webster, unisex is defined as “suitable or designed for both males and females.” So, in this case, a unisex gift is an item that can be for a person of any gender.

Here are some unisex birthday gift ideas for your loved ones.

A Cozy Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love a cozy throw blanket ? Get your loved one a throw blanket in their favorite color for their upcoming birthday. Because let’s be real, most of us need a serious blanket upgrade. Throw blankets are so often overlooked items in the home and end up looking tattered before we know it. Treat your loved one to a brand-new, cozy, soft throw for their upcoming birthday.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

In an article by Roxanne Adamiyatt in Town and Country magazine, a pair of noise-canceling headphones are included as a great gender-neutral gift for your friend or family member. The article states that by gifting your loved one with a pair of noise-canceling headphones, “you'll be helping your loved ones usher in a state of quiet, serene bliss to the tune of only what they want to listen to.”

Plus, doesn’t it seem like all travelers or train commuters have a pair of great noise-canceling headphones over their ears? Noise-canceling headphones have become as synonymous with travel as a canvas tote bag. Your loved one is sure to be pleased with this gender-neutral birthday gift.

Tools for Their Bar Cart

The Town and Country article also notes that a set of bar tools (a mixer, strainer, shot glass) is a welcome gift for any 21-plus person who likes to have the occasional cocktail. As a matter of a fact, a bottle of wine, a bottle of a high-quality whiskey, or a nice pair of wine glasses are also great gender-neutral birthday gifts.


Candles are one of the many items on Business Insider’s list of the best gifts of the year. Candles are a great item for folks of all ages and genders and can be good for the frequent candle-lighter (who are always looking for a new candle to light) and the infrequent candle-lighter (who will be happy to have a candle to light the next time they’re hosting a party or are just looking to add a nice to smell to their home). Plus, candles don’t have to break the bank. You can easily spend less than $15 on a high-quality candle or you can choose to splurge on a $50-plus one.

A Gift Card

Is your friend a family member a loyal shopper at a specific store? Or, are they someone who enjoys a nice meal at a local restaurant? Either way, you can get them a gift card for their upcoming birthday—most shops, brands, and restaurants have some sort of gift card or gift voucher program, which makes it easy to treat your loved one to their favorite meal or a shopping trip. You can even get your loved one a Lands’ End gift card for all of their shopping needs.

Or, You Can Get Something for Their Four-Legged Friend

If your loved one is a true animal lover, they’ll be just as thrilled to receive something for their pet (even on their own birthday). You can scoop up dog toys, or cat treats or get something extra special for their pet—order a personalized dog jackets or a personalized dog bed.

While this gift technically isn’t meant for the person celebrating their birthday, they’ll be thrilled to see their pet strutting around in a personalized jacket or chowing down on a new treat.

There are many options when it comes to gender-neutral birthday gifts. When picking out a gift for your loved one, just be sure to keep in mind their likes and dislikes (favorite colors, favorite things to do, and more things of that sort) to ensure they’re excited about their present.


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