6 Unique Ideas for a Summertime Date Night

6 Unique Ideas for a Summertime Date Night

Summer nights are just the best, and a warm breeze and a relaxing evening can make for a great date night. Whether you are looking for fun ideas to share with your life partner or venturing out on a first date, let’s look at some unique ideas to share with that special someone.


Stargazing is the perfect summer date night activity. With a bit of planning with respect to the weather and the moon’s phases, you and yours can enjoy a romantic evening and even learn a little more about astronomy.

Full moon nights with a clear sky are an obvious choice, but any clear evening where you can get away from the city lights and bring a picnic blanket, you have a stargazing date night. If you have access to a telescope, this can be extra fun as you discover celestial sights that you can’t spot with the naked eye. If not, learn a little about what constellations might be visible. Picking out the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper from a velvet sky can be a great experience.

Moonlit Walk

If you enjoy strolling or hiking during the daytime, a moonlit walk can be just the ticket for a summertime date night. You will want to plan your route in advance as it will be dark, and it’s always important to stay safe. But many walking paths are available after sundown. If you are looking for ideas, consult local meet up or hiking groups for ideas for locations and routes.

Women’s shorts and a women’s cotton tank top can be a great choice for this one. Just keep the weather in mind. Depending on your climate, you might need a light jacket.

Drive-in Movie

How about a retro summer date night by going to a drive-in movie? Many communities have them, and they can be great fun. At a drive-in, you can bring your own snacks, talk as much as you want, and snuggle down with your sweetheart. Many drive-in movies have theme nights like monster movies or campy classics. Think about what the two of you are likely to be up for with respect to the movie itself. Do you like making fun of sci-fi movies that are so badly made they are funny, or would you prefer to see a more romantic or serious film?

Cooking Class

For a new activity, why not try a cooking class together? You will both need to be up for this one, but the great part about a cooking class is that you are both students. If something doesn’t turn out perfectly, no problem! It’s still an adventure and a fun evening out. A cooking class can also be a nice option if you would like an activity that is both lighthearted and can lead to fun conversations and jokes with a first or second date. Who knows? You might discover a new recipe that the two of you will enjoy making together for years to come. Just don’t wear your best women’s white blouse. Stains happen—lol.


If you are looking for an indoor activity that is a departure from your usual routine, why not try bowling? It’s a fun game that is interactive and lends itself well to joking around and conversation. Is someone in the next lane consistently getting strikes while the two of you are hitting gutter balls? No worries! This is just a fun night for the two of you. Women’s jeans and a women’s T-shirt are a cute and comfy option for a bowling date night. You will want to be able to move easily, look and feel great, and bowling is about as casual as you can get.

If you would like a one-stop date, consider buying burgers and sodas or brews at the bowling alley for lunch or dinner. Some bowling alleys have fun theme nights like blacklight bowling or midnight bowling which can put a fun twist on this classic. If you like this idea, you’ll probably want to make reservations in advance. Lanes can book up fast.

Indie or Classic Movie Night

Is there a movie theater near you that shows indie, artistic, or classic films? Even some blockbuster movies come back for special anniversaries and can be found on the big screen again after 30 or 40 years.

If you don’t find what you like on the big screen, DIY your own special movie night. Maybe you love the idea of watching Casablanca together or a laugh-out-loud classic like Bringing Up Baby. Whatever your cinematic tastes, with streaming services, there is a good chance you can find a fun film for the two of you to enjoy. Keep a throw blanket handy for your home movie night in case the air conditioning is a little cool (or you want to snuggle with your sweetheart).

Enjoy a great summertime date night!


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