Unicorn Kids Trend

How to get your kids in on the unicorn trend.

Oh come on, admit it: everyone’s had a unicorn phase. And, if you didn’t, you definitely knew someone who did. It’s hard to resist a unicorn; they’re colorful, eye-catching, and, hello, sparkly! Sparkly kids’ unicorn backpacks go a long way when it comes to adding a little magic into their day. When you let your kids pick out kids’ unicorn backpacks or kids’ graphic T-shirts, it’ll give them an excuse to be excited about going back to school.

My kids would love cute backpacks with unicorns. Where can I find the best unicorn backpacks?

A good, quality kid’s backpack is often a dime a dozen, especially when you need one with a cute unicorn on it. Luckily, Lands’ End is known for making cute backpacks that last and have a brand new unicorn print in their small and medium backpacks. They won’t rip or wear out in a month, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon after buying.

What’s the best age group for unicorn print school backpacks?

Attention, everyone, there’s a special announcement: Unicorns are for all ages! Anyone can have a unicorn backpack if they want. The small and medium sizes are great for kids with smaller loads, like snacks, folders and small binders. And if your older kids want to get in on the unicorn action but have more than a medium can carry, fear not: you can always embroider a unicorn on their cute backpacks.

My daughter likes solid pink girls’ backpacks instead of the unicorn print. Can I add unicorn designs to my kids’ backpacks?

Unicorns are basically the universal sign of creativity, so it’s only fair that your kids can add a unicorn embroidery to any size backpack. The backpack buying process doesn’t have to be just asking them to point to the one they like most; with unique unicorn embroidery, you can add something personal to make your kids’ backpacks memorable. A unicorn embroidery would go perfectly with a soft rainbow tie dye print, but they can add a unicorn to any backpack. And if they end up changing their mind about the whole “unicorn” thing, they can choose from hundreds of other embroideries to give their backpack a one-of-a-kind personal touch.

My youngest always copies her big sis. How can I personalize my kids’ unicorn backpacks so I can tell them apart?

Look, with copycat brothers and sisters walking around, it’s no wonder you’ll have one or two matching kids’ backpacks hanging on the hooks. But don’t worry about mixing up bags: you can personalize any Lands’ End girls’ or boys’ backpacks with a monogram. Your kids can add a word or single or triple initials to any of Lands’ End’s school backpacks. You can even choose the font and thread color! With a one-of-a-kind monogram, you can always tell whose is whose, even with the same backpack prints.

Where can I get kids’ sweaters or kids’ T-shirts to match my boys’ and girls’ unicorn backpacks?

When your kids find their “thing,” you’re going to have a hard time diversifying their wardrobe. They won’t just want unicorn backpacks, they’ll also want a unicorn on kids’ graphic T-shirts, sweatpants and girls’ sweaters. Don’t worry, Lands’ End has plenty of unicorn-inspired kids’ T-shirts and sweatshirts they can choose from. A unicorn graphic would bring their magical theme together, and it won’t peel off in the wash. And even if they can’t find anything they like, you can always embroider a unicorn to any basic tee or jogger. No more scraping the bottom of the sale bin looking for a unicorn; now you can make unicorn outfits and gear of your very own.


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