The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Him

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

It’s that wonderful time of the year again and many of us are getting excited about planning our gifts for those we love most. Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, so we’ve compiled this ultimate guide for gifting to the men in your life. Gifts for men don’t have to be rocket science, so let us help you find that perfect gift for him this holiday season.

Festive Feels

Help get your man into the holiday vibes with some gifts that will inspire all the festive feels. Not only will he have some extra holiday gear but also some classic pieces he can wear all year long. Choose a holiday-inspired men’s flannel shirt with cheery colors like red, white, and green for him to wear during the holidays and the rest of the year.

For something more fun, gift your special man a tasteful Christmas sweater. Choose from a wide selection of Alpine-inspired designs and patterns that feel pleasantly rustic and festive without going over the top.

Everyone loves to feel cozy and festive on Christmas morning. Give your man the gift of fuzz with a pair of flannel Christmas pajamas. Get the whole family involved and be sure everyone gets a pair to wear together to inspire a new family holiday tradition.

Electronics and Gadgets

Every man loves his toys. Gift that special him the newest electronic or gadget upgrade he’s been eying recently. Depending on his taste, he may prefer sound-canceling headphones or a new power drill. For the reading man, perhaps give him an e-reader. If he loves do-it-yourself home projects, then a cool laser tape measurer. If he’s always on the move, consider gifting him a high-tech power bank so his gadgets never die on him. For the men into fitness, get him a handy sleep and activity tracker to help him better gauge his fitness and health journey.

Does he love music? Some new portable speakers may do the trick. Wine lover? Perhaps a high-tech corkscrew. Does he love cooking? What about a handy steak thermometer? Welcome to the world of men’s toys and gadgets. As you can see, the options here are truly endless. Just think about what his interests are and you’re certain to find some kind of cool gadget that will make his interests and hobbies even more fascinating to him.

Timeless Classics

Going the classic route is a sure way to gift your special man something timeless that he will use forever. We love a classic men’s cashmere sweater for its luxurious feel, tailored fit, unparalleled warmth, and timeless style. Practical, stylish, versatile, and incredibly cozy, a cashmere sweater is a special gift for that lucky guy.

Another classic gift is a button-down dress shirt. Choose either a timeless white or make it unique with different colors and fabrics. Consider other fabrics such as linen and silk for a more interesting and luxurious twist on the traditional dress shirt.

For some more formal yet still personal gifts, one can always go down the drinkable route. Bottles of nice wine or alcohol are a great gift for coworkers, friends, and family. Impersonal enough for professional relationships and personal enough for closer relationships, gifting a man your favorite bottle of wine or whiskey is a great holiday gift you know he will enjoy.

Another favorite gift for a man is a great book to read. Books are, after all, gifts that keep on giving.

Cozy at Home

If your man loves to lounge around at home, then be sure he has something comfortable and relaxing to wear. Men’s loungewear is not only comfortable but these days, it’s even fashionable. Loungewear for men is a great gift to give to the special men in your life. Choose from super-soft sweatpants to the ultimate hoodie for home hang out clothes he’ll surely love.

A great gift for dads and granddads is a cozy and plush pair of men’s slippers. They will be wondering how they ever lived without them.

The Working Man

For the hardworking man, consider gifting him something career inspired. Ease his commute with a practical briefcase, laptop bag, or backpack. If his workplace requires a formal dress code, then perhaps gift him a new pair of snazzy men’s dress shoes to spiff up his look. Small gifts such as pens, card cases, and leather -notebooks or planners are great gifts for family members, friends, and coworkers alike.

’Tis the season for spoiling the men in your life. Use this handy guide to help you find the perfect holiday gift for that special someone.


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