Ultimate Guide to Gardening Style in Spring and Summer

Ultimate Guide to Gardening Style in Spring and Summer

There’s nothing quite like gardening in spring or summer! Growing your own flowers, herbs, or vegetables is a satisfying hobby that will yield beauty and great eats for your family and friends. Let’s look at some great gardening styles to wear this spring and summer.

Stay Warm

As fast as warm weather can come upon us, any good gardener knows that there will be some chilly mornings and evenings that require planting, tending, and weeding. In addition to your favorite jeans and T-shirt, keep a women’s fleece jacket at the ready. Fleece makes the perfect gardening jacket. It is comfy, comes in an array of colors, and washes easily (mud happens). If you opt for fleece, follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. In general, fleece likes to be washed with other fleece in cold water, and either hung to dry or dried in the dryer at a low temperature. Reducing heat and friction reduces the pilling of fleece garments and extends their life.

You’ll want to wear long pants for gardening when it’s cool. Jeans are a great choice, as they are comfy and easy to clean. A good gardening kneeler will not only be easier on your knees but help to keep your long pants clean, too. Sweatpants and joggers are a great choice for cooler weather gardening. Be aware of anything that can catch on your clothing or scratch you as you garden (as every good rose gardener knows!).

Keep Cool

Once the weather heats up, a cute cotton tank top and women’s shorts make a nice gardening ensemble. If you prefer a bit more coverage, consider Bermuda shorts or capris with a women’s T-shirt. Wearing neutral-colored shorts is always a good strategy because you can pair them with any color top. Sticking to lighter colors all around will keep you a bit cooler. Just be sure you are okay with getting dirt on anything you choose to wear in your garden.

Wearing lightweight, oversized clothing can be a great strategy for staying comfy and cool while gardening. Consider buying a men’s T-shirt for an instant oversized look and a breezy feel. A women’s light-colored blouse with a loose cut can be a great option.

Create Some Shade

Women’s hats for gardening run the gamut these days. Bucket hats are on trend and come in all kinds of cute colors and designs. Of course, wide-brimmed hats are a classic. A good gardening hat with a brim that creates a little shade where you need it is not only functional but also fashionable. Baseball caps can be cute, too! Any hat will have the advantage of keeping you a bit cooler and more protected from the sun.

Take sun safety seriously. Sunscreen is a gardener’s friend! Wearing a sun shirt can be a good option. Some gardeners like featherweight long-sleeved blouses for sun protection.

Fabulous Footwear

Many gardeners prefer to wear a comfy pair of tennis shoes. This is a great choice as long as you are fine with getting a little mud on them. Another fun option is to wear women’s clogs with a waterproof sole (and perhaps waterproof uppers). They come in cute colors, so you can coordinate them with your gardening outfits.

A good pair of rain boots is also a great idea for gardeners. They will not only keep you safe from mud but make you look great doing it. Consider buying matching rain boots and a rain jacket. You might prefer to stay out of the garden when it rains, but a light rain can be delightfully cool and not impede the progress of your tasks.

Stay Organized

Keeping gardening tools organized is key to having fun while gardening. Clean tools like hand trowels, pruning shears, and gardening forks each time after use. Be strategic in what gardening gloves you wear, too. For tasks you know will be muddy, choose a waterproof pair. These can be hot, so have a pair of cotton gardening gloves available for dry tasks. Gardening gloves come in all sizes, colors, and designs, so pick out a couple of favorites at the beginning of the season when you are setting up shop. Keep your tools organized in storage bins so you can find everything when you want it.

We don’t usually think of our clothing as tools, but when it comes to gardening, they are! You’ll want your favorite outerwear, footwear, and gardening outfits organized and ready to go. Consider designating a portion of your dresser or closet just for your gardening styles. That way, they will be easy to get to when you need them and easy to coordinate for maximum gardening style.

With a bit of intention this spring and summer, your garden will be great, and so will your gardening style!


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