Unique Flannel Shirts For The Fall

The Unique Flannel Shirts You Need for This Fall

Flannel shirts are one of those go-to items that are handy to have in your closet all fall and winter long. Why? Well, they can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans or corduroy pants and can even be draped over a simple T-shirt dress for a casual but more fun look. There are many kinds of flannel shirts ideal for different occasions and seasons. Here are some unique flannel shirts to keep in your closet for this fall and falls to come.

What is Flannel?

Flannel is a type of fabric that is loved for its warmth and versatility. Flannel is a woven fabric that comes in varying warmness levels — some flannel shirts are made from cotton, others are made from wool, some are made from a combination of the two, and others are polyester. Beyond fabrics, they also come in different styles and shapes, though a classic flannel comes in a button-down long-sleeved shirt style.

A Classic Buffalo Plaid Flannel

A buffalo plaid flannel shirt may be the most classic type of flannel shirt that exists. Buffalo plaid is the red and black checkered plaid pattern most commonly associated with the Brawny man, though it has since turned into a quintessential cold-weather top style for both women and men. A classic buffalo plaid flannel shirt can be worn throughout the fall and is warm enough for winter, too. Plus, it never goes out of style, so it can be a cozy closet staple for years and years.

To complete the look, wear your buffalo plaid flannel with black jeans or high-rise jeans, or you can try it with a cute black skirt for a more dressed-up ensemble.

A Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt

Flannel is a warm fabric naturally, but on an early morning before the sun rises or when hanging out by a fall bonfire, a warmer layer may be more appropriate. That’s where fleece-lined flannel comes in. You’ll still have the flannel look, but you’ll also have an added layer of fleece to keep you cozy. You can reach for this top on cold days as a single layer or can even wear it over another shirt as a makeshift jacket — or, as we like to call it, a shacket (shirt plus jacket).

A Fitted Flannel Top

A fitted flannel shirt can easily be dressy enough for an occasion but is also casual enough for a weekend football game. The versatility of a fitted flannel shirt, ideally in an understated color like cream or gray, is great for any closet and any type of outfit. The fitted shirt style makes the flannel top feel like a work-ready blouse, especially if you get a fitted flannel shirt in a cotton blend fabric instead of wool. Try wearing this kind of flannel top with a fitted skirt like a pencil skirt. With just these two items, you’ll be ready for work meetings and even job interviews, whether they’re in-person or on video.

An Oversized Flannel Top

A baggy, oversized, boyfriend-style flannel top is perfect for a low-key day of chores or playing in the yard with your family. Throwing a baggy flannel on over one of our ladies’ t-shirts is the perfect combination for an effortless outfit that can be worn on those not-too-cool fall days season after season. Plus, an oversized flannel top is a much different look than a classic flannel top. Oversized flannels create an instantly cozy look, along with a style that isn’t trying too hard to be anything but casual and warm.

Short-Sleeved Flannel Top

Flannel tops are most often long-sleeved shirts, but there are a variety of stylish short-sleeved flannel tops available at shops, too. A short-sleeve flannel is best for an early fall day when the sun is beating down, but you still want to look festive. Try out a short-sleeved flannel top on the first apple-picking day of the season or at a pre-season football game. The short sleeves on this kind of flannel top make the shirt look casual, so be sure to keep that in mind when you put it on. This type of flannel may not be best for a workday or a more formal dinner with friends, but it’s great for a low-key fall day before the leaves begin to turn.

At first glance, flannel tops can seem basic and similar — the checked pattern, the often button-front style — but, depending on the style and color, you can create a wardrobe that mixes all different kinds of flannel tops into your fall fashion. Be sure to get flannels in different shapes, colors, and made of different materials, so you’ll have options to wear no matter how your day unfolds.


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