4 Tips on Styling a Turtleneck Sweater

4 Tips on Styling a Turtleneck Sweater

Styling a turtleneck sweater is as simple as you want it to be. They are as diverse in style — some are thin or fine cashmere, while others are chunky knits — as they are in ways to style them. What you wear with and over your turtleneck sweater will depend on whether it's crafted to act as more of a layer or a piece of outerwear. A sweater that has more volume may scrunch in certain pairings, so keep that in mind as you start to try on different outfits. With the tips below, you might just find that all your favorite outfits this season revolve around styling your turtleneck sweaters.

1. Keep It Classic

Everyone should try that classic Audrey Hepburn look, with a sleek black cashmere turtleneck sweater and black skinny jeans. Go for leggings for comfort if that's what you prefer! The main idea here is to create clean, classic lines that make you want to play around and soak in the spotlight all at once. Finish the look off with a camel-colored trench coat and pair of ballet flats and you'll be ready for your shot on the silver screen. For some added edge, style your turtleneck under a moto or denim jacket.

That easy sweater and jeans outfit doesn't need to evoke Audrey to be a classic hit. Almost any turtleneck type will keep you looking sophisticated, chic, and effortless. There's really nothing better — they're comfortable, cozy, and cheerful all at once. If you want to add a spark to this iconic look, go for kitten heels or a pair of your favorite loafers. If you live somewhere that is mostly warm all year, choose vests to wear over your turtleneck or drape a cape over for outdoor activities rather than committing to a full coat.

2. Play With Proportions

You can get a lot out of a turtleneck sweater when you start to explore proportions. Start with a dark turtleneck sweater and tuck it into a stylish mini skirt for a beautifully balanced look. The contrast of long and short creates a flattering silhouette that you can extend even further with a pair of stylish knee-high boots. Or complete the look with a long neutral-colored jacket and your favorite pair of ankle booties. The different lengths of each will play off of each other in a really graceful way.

The one thing that rings true with these sweaters is the extra length a turtleneck offers you up top. It can work just as well with a mini skirt as it does with a knee-length skirt. Play with whatever you've got in your closet and see what combinations work best with your body type, height, and overall style preferences. How the sweater falls on you in length, volume, and shape will determine what pieces of the puzzle match up best.

3. Accessorize Accordingly

If your turtleneck sweater hugs closely to your neck, it can feel a bit constrictive if you try to layer a scarf over it. Instead, try a shawl that drapes over your shoulders and can wrap around if needed on cooler days. For some extra flair, find a lipstick color that pops against your sweater's hue.

To be sure you're honoring that necklace you never take off, just consider the length and strength of the chain. If it's a longer necklace, wear it over your sweater and let it shine in the sun. However, if the necklace is shorter or more delicate, it should lay safely under your sweater for the day. Earrings are another great way to accent any look. Opt for small hoops or posts to avoid snagging on your turtleneck sweater.

4. Boldly Belt It

For a chunky, oversized, or knit sweater, you can create some definition by wearing a belt. Go for a thinner belt in a color that complements the color of your sweater. If your sweater's a solid color and you've got a polka-dotted belt, try it out. It might just be the look that keeps you smiling all season. A wider belt can dramatically change the shape of your sweater, so definitely test it out to see if that suits your outfit. Just be sure the color of any belt you wear doesn't clash and you're good to go out in your new look.

A belted coat is another way to evolve your look without having to commit to a belt all day. Find women's turtleneck sweatshirts that will rest comfortably when belted under a coat, add a pair of dress pants and your coolest pair of sunglasses, and you'll feel unstoppable.

The most important thing to remember is that turtleneck sweaters are meant to keep you warm, and make you feel protected and cozy all day long. Pick and choose which styling tips help you feel like your best self, and improvise the rest. Like your sweaters tucked in or out? Do what works for your day, but don't forget to play. You may surprise yourself!


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