Tropical-Themed Backyard BBQs

Tropical-Themed Backyard BBQs

Modeling your next backyard barbecue after the beautiful tropical islands is a fabulous way to enjoy the summer. The tropics are bursting with life and yet have a relaxed attitude that many love when traveling. Here are some tropical themes you can use to give your guests a wonderful experience.

Flower Theme

Speaking of bursting with life! Part of a tropical environment is having a lot of rain. A lot of rain means lots of greenery and plant life. Much of the plant life also has fun and unusual flowers you can showcase at your barbecue. Hibiscuses are large colorful flowers your guests can put behind their ears. Plumeria is the flower typically used for making leis, which could be a fabulous activity if you were looking for one. Birds of paradise and proteas are fascinating flowers that catch the eye. Look for Hawaiian flower arrangements to help you decorate or supplement by using cut-out flowers and floral decorative throw pillows to their best effect.

Hula Theme

Have everyone come in a hula costume! The more creative, the better the memories. Grass skirts and sarongs are great places to start. Make sure you have an area where bare feet can stand comfortably without worrying about sticks or other pokey lawn equipment. Consider watching professional hula dancers perform if you want some entertainment. You could also have some hula lessons either by a professional in your area or via virtual lessons. Your guests can learn the famously graceful movements of the islands, plus you get built-in Hawaiian music for atmosphere. Perfect!

Beach Theme

Getting back into nature, the beach is a huge element of a tropical island. Beautiful aquamarine and cobalt blue set against white sands with shells and sea-tumbled rocks for the collecting. If you have a pool of some kind, it works for the water element. If not, focus on the beach element with sand for sandcastles and shells to decorate. Look up what kinds of animals live in which kinds of shells and what a sand dollar looks like in its native habitat for interesting information for attendees to marvel over. Lay out beach towels . Grab inflatable beach toys like a beach ball. Once it's ready, throw it into the crowd and have fun tossing it around!

Under the Sea Theme

You saw a theme for hanging out on the beach, now let's travel under the sea! It's a marvelous world beneath the waves with corals, grinning eels, and brightly colored fish. Grab some blow-up sea horses and whales to populate your undersea party. If you like photo booths, create an underwater backdrop and have fish masks and snorkel gear for fun pictures. Consider adding bubbles to the fun. People can blow their own bubble stream or use giant bubble wands and tubs of bubble solution to fill your backyard with bubbles!

Surf Theme

Surfs up! If you happen to live near a beach, this is an easy one. Everyone should bring a bathing suit . Surfboards and boogie boards can be shared or rented. Paddleboards are great for calmer waters. Even if you don't live near water, you can still use this theme. Decorate with a surfboard backdrop, make waves in the pool to "surf," or even practice popping to your feet on a board on the ground. See who can balance the best on a board while some people make waves near the surfer. Make sure to use the word "dude" often and you're practically in Southern California.

Tiki Theme

Tiki could be a fascinating theme to explore at your barbecue. Tiki torches would light the night. If you have a bonfire pit, now would be the time to break it out and dance around. Tiki statues can be rented and put around your backyard, making for a grinning mysterious ambiance. Maybe have some throw blankets available in case someone gets the shivers. Make drinks in cups with tiki faces and add little umbrellas on top. Have masks for your guests to wear while at the party, or for a photo booth you can set up on the side. Making their own masks might also be a fun activity for your guests to try.

Aloha Theme

Aloha is the island word for "love," among other meanings. Aloha is generally your combination of all of the above elements. Whatever speaks to you, whatever you think will give your guests a fabulous experience, include it! Want to rock your Hawaiian shirt? Go for it! Want to make puka shell necklaces? Now's the time! Palms connected by hammocks, pineapples with sunglasses, flamingoes, grass skirts, and everything in between. Have a blast designing your own tropical island paradise and sharing it with those around you.

Now that you have some ideas let's see what you come up with to make your backyard barbecue an island experience.


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