Trendy Unisex Outfits

Trendy Unisex Outfits

The popularity of androgynous fashion continues to grow as society rethinks gender. Unisex clothes are a great option for anyone looking to free their wardrobe from restrictive norms. Gender-neutral dressing is subjective, though.

What’s considered unisex for one person may not be for someone else. If you’re searching for something to spark your self-expression, this list is for you. Read on to discover trendy unisex outfits to inspire your new look.

Go Retro in Flared Pants

For a throwback unisex look, consider a pair of flared high-waisted pants. These fan favorites will bring the 70s vibe back to your wardrobe.

Flared pants look flattering on any figure, and you can pair them with a range of tops. Keep it old school with a fitted baby tee, or go for a laidback look with a cropped sweater.

Keep It Casual in Sweatpants

Wearing sweatpants with an oversized t-shirt and sneakers is a classic genderless ensemble that’ll never go out of style.

This is a comfortable and sporty look that you can wear for everything from running errands to lounging on the couch. Pop on a sports bra or vest underneath, and you’ve got an outfit ready for the gym. Add a sweater, hoodie, or track jacket for a head-to-toe athletic look if it's cold out.

Cozy Up in a Hoodie and Jeans

For cool weather, nothing beats a men’s hooded top for comfort and style. Any bottoms look good with a hoodie, but it goes especially well with jeans. This pairing is an effortless way to look good while staying snug and warm.

Wear it with sneakers for a casual day out. Go for Chelsea boots instead, and add a trench coat for polish to smarten up your look. A hoodie makes a great layering piece for breezy nights and early mornings even in the spring and summer. Wear it over a t-shirt, tank, or swim top with shorts for a laidback unisex look.

Smarten Up in a Suit

A men’s blazer paired with any bottoms can instantly sharpen up an outfit. For a sleek look, wear a blazer with matching pants to create your own suit. Pairing a navy blazer with blue jeans, for example, creates a chic, laidback look.

A blazer can also be worn with a hoodie or sweatshirt to smarten up any casual look. Another great unisex look is pairing a blazer with bike shorts and an oversized tee. Add a cap and sneakers as a finishing touch.

Prep It Up in a Polo and Skort

Wearing a polo shirt with a skort is another unisex outfit you can rely on. The collar of a polo shirt smartens up any look, while the buttons add a sporty touch. With a skort, you get the coverage of a pair of shorts with the freedom of a skirt all in one.

This preppy outfit is stylish enough to make you look put-together while still being comfortable to wear all day. Pair it with socks and slides, your favorite sneakers, or a pair of loafers to complete the look.

Chill Out in Cargos and a Tee

Men’s cargo pants are comfortable, functional, and stylish. They look great on anyone. Just add a t-shirt or tank top and a pair of boots. If the weather calls for a layered look, throw on a windbreaker or leather jacket. Cargo pants also go well with a button-up shirt. Elevate this effortless look with crisp white sneakers and a denim or bomber jacket.

Bring the Charm in a Poet Blouse

When it comes to women’s blouses, the poet shirt is a timeless unisex silhouette. Also known as a pirate shirt, these tops are usually made of white cotton or linen and feature wide, billowing sleeves.

Whether you’re going for a bohemian or vintage-inspired look, poet blouses look great on everyone. Wear them with tailored trousers or leather pants for an elegant and stylish outfit.

Take It Easy in Bermuda Shorts and a Tank

For a cool and casual look, go for long shorts and a tank top. This classic unisex combination is perfect for spring and summer days. If you like a high waist, wear your shorts with a tucked-in or cropped tank top.

If you prefer a medium rise, pair your long shorts with a relaxed tank. You can also wear these shorts with t-shirts and button-ups. Style the ensemble with flip flops, sandals, or slides for an easy warm-weather look.

Stay Snug in Corduroys and a Shirt

Corduroy can be made of cotton or wool. It’s a warm and durable fabric, making it ideal for the colder months. A pair of corduroy pants with a button-up shirt and a pair of boots makes a stylish casual outfit for anyone.

For a chic spring or autumn look, roll up your corduroy pants and pair them with sneakers and a sleeveless tee. They’ll also look great with a button-up sweater or cardigan and ankle boots.

Any outfit can be unisex when you think about it. Who says skirts are just for women and pants are only for men? There are plenty of ways to bring androgynous fashion into your wardrobe. Use these ideas to inspire new expressions of your personal taste and style.


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