3 Trendy Swim Trunk Patterns for 2023

3 Trendy Swim Trunk Patterns for 2023

Swim season is creeping ever closer. It’s the perfect time of year to begin shopping for a pair of men’s swim trunks or two to see you through the season in style. If the very idea of this conjures up images of that much-craved beach vacation, the highly deserved afternoon by the pool, or simply some quality time watching your kids splash around in the water, then you know how important it is that your trunks keep you as comfortable as possible while you’re out there in the sunshine.

A great fit and a flattering silhouette are both keys to a pair of trunks that will serve you well for years, but you may also want to put a little bit of focus on their patterns. Their appearance is what sets them apart, after all, and you might want to choose something a little atypical, no matter what you have planned for the season. It just so happens that 2023 is the year of experimentation where fashion is concerned.

Call it a response to being cooped up inside for months on end or a general desire to embrace that unbridled sense of adventure that didn’t have its moment to shine for a good while. It’s evident in everything, from the vibrant colors that make rash guards for men stand out to the eye-catching summer suits suddenly lighting up sartorial radars all across the globe. If you’re ready to have a little fun with your swimwear, here are four fun and trendy patterns to keep in mind.


There’s something inherently comfortable about tie-dyed apparel. It’s got a certain familiarity about it, and with good reason. It’s often associated with the hippie culture of the 1960s, and it even enjoyed its time in the spotlight during the ’90s. And certainly, if the grunge era was capable of embracing something other than its uniform flannel shirts and baggy jeans, there’s room for it in the 21st century.

As it turns out, tie-dye is a favorite on swim trunks for a particular reason: it’s bright and playful. Its youthful spirit is undeniable, and isn’t that just how you want to feel when you’re diving, swimming laps, or just experiencing the joy of watching your kids have the time of their lives? That kind of happiness is contagious, and sometimes it’s just plain fun to wear something that channels exactly how you feel. Pair them with a men’s T-shirt when you’re strolling on the boardwalk or need a little extra coverage.


Sometimes referred to as “painterly,” the watercolor trend captures an almost ethereal spirit. The design is lush and nearly elegant, two qualities that you may not typically associate with your average pair of swim trunks. Don’t let that scare you off, though. What’s appealing about the watercolor look is that it’s fresh and breezy with an artisanal twist. It’s the type of swim trunk you might wear aboard a boat or even while entertaining neighbors at your backyard pool.

As for what to wear with it, that’s entirely up to you. A men’s active top or a tank top is always a suitable choice if you need the extra coverage. Otherwise, step into a pair of flip-flops, and you should be good to go, channeling the ultimate warm-weather look for a stay at the beach or a day by the pool.


The chevron pattern is similar to the classic zigzag pattern but slightly different in its peaks and lines. It might be difficult to really determine how different they are from a distance—and that could be a good thing if you happen to have your eye on something with zigzags. Available in various colors ranging from green to blue to red, chevron swim trunks bring your warm-weather outfits to life in the best way. They’re fresh, lively, and undeniably eye-catching.

Plus, a men’s swimsuit bearing a chevron pattern is downright fun to wear. You can pair it with your loose and breezy button-down or a light graphic tee showing off your favorite beach theme. Chevron prints are also easy to mix with other prints, so you can be as adventurous as you want. In an environment as relaxed as the water’s edge, just about anything goes, so don’t be afraid to show those stripes or that plaid if you’re feeling it.

Patterned swim trunks tell the tale for 2023. They speak to your desire for something fresh and unexpected, your ability to break outside of your comfort zone, and your relief at finally getting back to some semblance of your reality. If you’ve been dreaming about going on vacation or heading to the pool and about showing the kids the time of their lives, why not celebrate with a fun and vibrant pattern? It’s just one more way to put a fashionable spin on your summer wardrobe.


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