7 Trendiest Patterns for Comfy Clothes in 2023

7 Trendiest Patterns for Comfy Clothes in 2023

There is no reason to sacrifice style for comfort thanks to the features that Lands’ End has added to everyday essentials, whether it’s work apparel, work-from-home apparel, or not-working-at-all apparel. And being in style during 2023 means enjoying lots of fun patterns. While subtle solids are always safe, trendy patterns can be a fun way to express yourself. This year, add a little flair to your wardrobe and feel comfortable doing it with these seven trendy patterns for comfy clothes in 2023.

Get Groovy in '70s Floral

The '70s were all about peace, love, and groovy vibes. And the louder the prints and patterns on clothes, the better. That doesn’t mean you have to turn into a flower child, though, so if you’d rather ease your way back into the '70s instead of immediately taking on this trend, start with some pajamas to see how you feel about it. Imagine a comfy pajama set with hippy-inspired neon-colored daisies against a bright background. You can’t help but feel happy and peaceful when looking at something with a '70s floral design.

Cottagecore Floral

Floral is all the rage this year, and quite the opposite of '70s floral is cottagecore floral. Cottagecore is popular because it represents a simpler way of life that brings in elements of nature to make us feel a little more down to earth. The floral patterns are more subtle when compared to the floral patterns from the '70s. Instead of bright and sometimes artificial colors, Cottagecore draws upon colors typically found in nature. Imagine a comfy cotton dress with tiny colored roses under a cute jean jacket and paired with some leather booties for fall.


Another type of pattern that relishes the vibes of the '70s is patchwork. Think of a comfy quilt made of different types of fabric and different patterns all sewn together. They don’t even have to match. That’s the fun part. But there are ways that you can subtly enjoy the patchwork trend as well. For example, a pair of high-waisted, wide-legged, comfy pants can have a patchwork pattern but only use one type of fabric instead of different fabrics sewn together. And it might just consist of two or three colors instead of many. There aren’t any rules when it comes to patchwork patterns, so have fun with it.


One trendy pattern to enjoy before winter starts is gingham. The checkered pattern is traditionally associated with the red and white checkered picnic tablecloths, but traditional gingham is actually blue and white. Today, you’ll find gingham in a variety of colors, although whatever color it is will always be paired with white. It’s typically found in summer clothing and with lightweight, comfortable summer fabrics. So save gingham for summertime and warm weather destinations.


The houndstooth pattern has an interesting history. It dates back to the 1800s when shepherds in Scotland wore wool coats with the pattern stitched into them. Houndstooth looks like little canine teeth placed in an alternating pattern, with a total of only two colors. Those colors have traditionally been black and white, but houndstooth in other color pairs is becoming more common. But the great thing about black and white houndstooth is that it matches every other color. So some comfy houndstooth leggings look great with a tunic or sweater, no matter what color it is.


We can’t talk about classic patterns like gingham and houndstooth without mentioning argyle. It basically looks like a diamond pattern connected with lines to make it look three-dimensional. Argyle is another Scottish pattern that was traditionally utilized in kilts. Eventually, it became popular for golf attire and then in socks. But argyle is for more than just socks. It looks great in the form of a cardigan sweater or vest, making it an ideal part of a fall or winter wardrobe.

Animals and More Animals

People are still going wild for animal prints, and it isn’t just large cats getting all the attention. Besides leopard print and cheetah print, zebra, giraffe, and even reptile print are also popular. One fun idea is to wear an item that resembles the animal pattern and wear a fun cardigan or kimono over it with the actual animal printed on it. Another cool look is to dress in a jungle theme and layer a cardigan with a leaf pattern over the animal print. Pair the combo with some jeans or some black, comfy casual women's yoga pants for a fun yet classy and comfortable ensemble for 2023.

For the rest of 2023, why not substitute drab for fab? Check out some of these patterns and see how they look with the rest of your comfy clothes so you can make the most of this trend.


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