Travel Tips for a Summer Destination Wedding

Travel Tips for a Summer Destination Wedding

You’re going to a destination wedding? How exciting! Let’s talk about some travel tips to ensure that you have a fun and comfy trip.

Get the Low Down on the Destination

Learn as much as you can about the destination. This includes where you will be staying, any amenities of the hotel, and what is available in the local area in terms of cuisine, entertainment, and shopping. You may be so busy with the wedding festivities that this seems unnecessary, but you’ll be glad when you know where the closest pools and beaches are, what cool local restaurant to explore if you have an unscheduled evening, and what to expect if you need to make a shopping run. You’ll want to make sure to pack a swimsuit and a beach cover-up unless you're positive that there is no pool or spa that you will want to dip into for a little relaxation.

Be Ready for Your Role

The more you know what everyone is likely to expect from you at the wedding and its surrounding events, the better. Is there a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch that you will be expected to attend? If so, what is the dress code? Will you want to pack a special occasion dress or go more casual? Will you be expected to make a toast? What about carting gifts, flowers, or decorations from one place to another? Will you be called upon to drive anyone anywhere, run errands, help with childcare, or assist family members with mobility issues?

Knowing your role in advance will not only prepare you to help the wedding go smoothly, but it will also point out what possible downtime you will have to enjoy. Be strategic about your fun and self-care! Maybe an early morning walk or gym session will give you some precious alone time and set you up well for the rest of the day. What hour can you take a dip in that pool and still make sure that you (and your hair) will be ready for any command performances?

Be Down for Delays

No one likes travel delays, but they happen. The more you can plan for delays, the easier they will be to navigate. Make sure to know any alternate routes to get where you need to go. Give yourself ample time to get to the destination and then mostly stay put once there. Bring comfort items like a cozy women’s cardigan, a good book, and your favorite playlist. Make sure to have an extra phone charger with you, too. As much as possible, try to treat delays as opportunities to chill. There will be plenty of activity once you get to the destination wedding, so why not put your feet up, even if it's on your carry-on bag, put in some decibel-reducing earplugs and relax if you get stuck somewhere for a while? If you can change your travel situation for the better, do. Otherwise, the less stress you engage in, the better.

Keep Key Items Close

In addition to keeping key items like your phone, wallet, and keys close. Be sure to have anything that you can’t live without (or would be inconvenient not to have) once you arrive. Necessities like glasses or contacts, and all prescription medications should be on your list, but so should items like your favorite tinted moisturizer, your go-to jewelry, and ideally the outfit you will wear to the wedding.

If your luggage gets lost or delayed (it happens), you will want to be as comfortable as possible and still ready for the wedding. You can always buy a toothbrush or find a hair dryer at your destination. A women’s dress that is appropriate for the wedding or the right shoes to go with it's a different matter.

Roll with It

Weddings are great fun! They also include a variety of people, personalities, and perhaps family politics. If you know that there is drama under the surface with some factions of the group, decide in advance not to participate. Instead, be your happy and healthy self and focus on enjoying the wedding, the destination, and your self-care. You get to celebrate the love of two people in a gorgeous place—and get a built-in vacation for yourself, too! That is plenty to keep you uplifted.

Being flexible also includes looking for spontaneous opportunities for fun! If you will have a few hours of downtime between wedding activities, are there local cultural spots or unique cuisine to try out? You might discover anything from a cool museum to an outdoor yoga class that is available. Grab your women’s activewear and go for a run, walk, or stroll.

Enjoy traveling to that fabulous destination wedding!


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