Travel in Style This Summer with These Outfit Ideas

Travel in Style This Summer with These Outfit Ideas

When it comes to travel, getting there can be half the fun! Planning a vacation and seeing new sites along the way can be a great time. To keep you comfy and stylish while en route, here are some great summer travel outfit ideas.

Shorts and a T-Shirt

If you are heading out on a road trip (or just want to be oh so comfy), why not wear your favorite women’s shorts and a T-shirt. For a neater look, you can always wear a belt and opt for deck shoes. Another neat option is a cute pair of walking sandals and wearing your T-shirt in a French tuck instead of fully tucked.

Consider climate control if you opt for shorts. In some locations, they will keep you comfy, but if you are likely to run into overly air-conditioned buildings or waiting areas along the way, you might want to opt for long pants. Shorts are also easy to tuck into a carry-on bag if you would like to change into them once you arrive at your destination.

Capri Pants and a Blouse

Capri pants are a great option for summer travel because they give you a bit more insulation than your favorite shorts and can be dressed up or down. White capri pants are a classic look for summer that will go with almost anything from a tunic top to a linen blouse.

Depending upon where you are traveling, however, black capri pants might be more practical en route. White can be difficult to keep clean when you are traveling through busy airports and sitting on different surfaces. A bleach pen can be a great addition to your carry-on if you have any white garments that you plan to wear on your trip.

Jeans and a T-shirt

This outfit will take you anywhere that doesn’t have a specific dress code and keep you comfy while you do it. A great pair of jeans can also be dressed up or down, so if you want to switch your T-shirt for your favorite white women’s blouse, some pretty sandals, and a little jewelry, you’ll be ready for a night out when you get there.

Khakis and a Polo

A pair of women’s chino pants and a polo shirt with neat shoes and a belt will keep you looking sharp and feeling comfy regardless of where your travel plans take you.

Khakis are just as comfy as women’s jeans, but they are inherently less casual because they aren’t denim. A polo shirt, likewise, is one of the comfiest shirts around, but the collar and cuffed sleeves give it an instant upgrade from most casual tops. Especially if you will be traveling to a new place, it can be nice to feel just a bit more put together en route.

If you enjoy golf, this can also double as a golf outfit once you arrive at your destination. Packing light can be a great move if you also pack strategically. The more often you can reasonably expect to wear a garment while on your trip, the better. You’ll want to make sure everything is crisp and clean, but pants can usually be worn more than once unless you spilled something on them.

A Comfy Dress

Most of us don’t think of dresses as a traveling option, but this is one of the easiest ways to go. A jersey dress, for example, is an outfit all by itself—just add shoes or sandals. If you decide to wear a dress while you are traveling, choose one that is cut for comfort. A bodycon dress may look great when you are going out to dinner on your trip, but something a bit breezier will be better for traveling.

A polo dress is a great option. They are cute, casual, neater looking than many casual dresses, and made from fabric that breathes and moves with you. Polo dresses are usually a nice length for travel because they aren’t too short or too long.

A mini dress could be cute but would not be practical for bending or stretching. A maxi dress can be lovely for later in your trip, but if you wear one while en route, you could find yourself trying to scoop the hem out of your way while carrying luggage.


Whatever stylish outfit you plan to wear while traveling this summer, don’t forget stylish and practical footwear. A great pair of walking sandals, a cute pair of sneakers, or a pair of comfy flats are all good options. Chances are you will be putting miles on them throughout your trip, so make sure that your go-to walking shoes are available (and broken in) when you get ready to leave. A great pair of heels can be fun, too, but not en route.

Enjoy traveling in style and comfort this summer!


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