Transitioning Your Office Wardrobe From Spring to Summer

Transitioning Your Office Wardrobe From Spring to Summer

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. You probably have already transitioned to your everyday summer wardrobe in your head: you are just waiting for the right time to swap those warm, bulky sweaters for short sleeve women’s shirts, to trade in your leggings for shorts and to ditch your boots for a pair of cute sandals. But when you are transitioning your wardrobe specifically for work, things can be a little more complicated. Going from the sunny and humid outdoors every morning into the potentially freezing air conditioning in your office can make dressing comfortably for summer quite the challenge. Luckily, we have worked this all out for you in this handy guide. Read on for the most helpful tips and tricks for staying both comfortable and professional during this seasonal transition.

Layer Up

Piling on the layers may seem counterintuitive for the warmest seasonal transition of the year. But the reality is that most indoor office spaces love to crank that air conditioning down in the summer to battle the heat and humidity of the outdoors. This may be a welcome reprieve at first, but after spending several hours at your desk, you will probably wish you had another layer on top of your sleeveless summer dress. Layers are the key to this transitional time. Wearing multiple, lightweight layers will ensure you are prepared for any quick temperature change in the middle of your workday.

It is still summer outside, so start your outfit out with a lightweight, short-sleeved top. A women’s linen shirt is a great cool summer base that is also office-appropriate. Bring along a cozy cashmere cardigan sweater as your just-in-case-the-AC-is-freezing layer. To top off the top portion of your summer layered look, throw on a colorful blazer. The ultimate summer jacket, a blazer is a professional and versatile lightweight layer perfect for the office. It is also a great piece for transitioning you from your daytime office look to your after-hours cocktails look. Just unbutton the front of your blazer and slightly roll the sleeves to create a casual, cool, but sophisticated summer jacket look.

Ditch the Heavy Layers and Go Light

Go ahead and pack up your heavier layers. Pull out any heavier sweaters, jackets, pants, and leggings and pack them up in the back of your closet for fall. Even if the AC is set to 65, you likely will not be feeling the need to wear your wool tights to work in July. Instead, swap your wool and polyester pants out for cool breezy skirts and dresses this summer. Summer is the season for the sundress, even in the office. Don’t be afraid to don your favorite maxi dress at the office this summer. You can easily dress this piece up for the office with a blazer and professional flats or heels. A maxi dress is also the ultimate layer for summer, as it is cool and breezy enough to wear outside before or after work but modest and professional enough for meeting clients all day. A pencil skirt is another fantastic summer office piece. Go for a high-waisted pencil skirt to tuck your blouse into. Pair this professional look with either a cardigan or a blazer (or both) for the ultimate chic professional summer office wear.

Summer Shoes

Transitioning your footwear can be just as important as the rest of your outfit. You know you don’t need your winter boots this summer, but are sandals professional enough for the office? Are high heels necessary, or will flats be acceptable? When choosing which women’s shoes to wear to the office this summer and which ones to pack away for the fall, there are a few factors to consider. Do you walk to work or spend much of your day walking around a large office building? High heels may not the best option for you. If you feel your office outfit is just not complete without your favorite professional pumps, then bring your heels along to work with you and wear a comfy pair of flats for your walk to the office. Otherwise, flats such as mules, mary janes, loafers, and oxfords are great professional options that are also summer weather-friendly.

These tips and tricks can help you create a solid foundation for transitioning your summer office wardrobe from spring to summer. Remember to wear lightweight layers that are versatile, comfy, and chic. Save the heavier layers for fall, swap your boots for a pair of lightweight flats or heels, and you are ready to head to the office this season.


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