Transitional Sweaters for Spring 2023

Transitional Sweaters for Spring

The snow is thawing, and the birds are singing. Even on the sunniest of spring days, you’re still going to want a sweater to keep you cozy when a breeze or two rolls in. Don’t worry about cranking up your AC this spring.

From wool sweaters to cashmere cardigans, here are our top picks for transitional sweaters to wear for spring 2023.

Sweaters with Floral Patterns and Bright Colors

You can have a thicker sweater for those brisk spring days. To make it look like spring, wear sweaters with fun floral patterns. You can get away with wearing a wool sweater with bright pastel colors. Pair your pretty floral or pink pastel sweater with high rise jeans and platform booties. Underneath the sweater, you can wear a simple crewneck t-shirt.

Dark-Colored Sweater

You don’t have to wear only floral patterns and bright colors during the springtime. You can also wear dark-colored sweaters. To make it look more season-appropriate, pair a black or dark navy sweater with a mini skirt on warmer days. A sweater with a flowy or tiered midi skirt is another way to ring in the spring season with a transitional sweater.

White Sweaters

Now that we’re headed into spring, it’s time to break out the white or off-white sweater. Try a textured sweater with women’s shorts and boat shoes. You’ll look like you’re about to set sail for your next exciting voyage. A white wool-blend sweater is perfect for when it’s chilly, but you don’t want to look like you’re still wearing your winter sweater. Wool blends, especially when blended with cotton, are exceptionally soft with the breathable, lightweight mix of cotton and warmth of wool.

Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are the perfect year-round option. It’s a dress you can enjoy wearing in the spring with or without stockings underneath, depending on the weather. Keep your sweater dress casual with sneakers and a crossbody bag. You can also dress up your sweater dress with statement necklaces, heels, and a jeweled clutch. If you want to channel a bohemian look, wear sandals with your sweater dress this spring.

Pullover Sweater

Whether you call it a pullover, sweater, or jumper, there are so many ways to style this transitional sweater. Pair it with denim shorts during the warmer spring days or with leggings when it’s a brisk morning. For a little personality and flair, wear a V-neck pullover. A colorful V-neck pullover in a bright blue with a pair of patterned leggings is sure to put in a little pep in your step this spring.

Cashmere Cardigan

What’s better than a cashmere cardigan? Because cashmere is made from breathable materials, aka the soft underbelly of the cashmere goats in the Himalayans, it’s a year-round sweater. This cozy, lightweight sweater is great for layering. You can wear a cardigan with a dress. Try a maxi dress and cardigan for layering. You can get an oversized women’s cashmere cardigan that buttons up and treat it like a dress by belting it. Adding a belt to the cashmere cardigan will help shape your waist and create a more feminine silhouette. While cardigans are great for layering, that’s not all they’re great for.

Long Cardigan

Speaking of cardigans, you can get other soft and breathable fabrics like cotton cardigans too. Cotton cardigans easily transition from winter to spring or from spring into summer. Wear a long cotton cardigan with a short dress. When you want to look effortlessly chic, the short dress and long cardigan combination is a winning look. Add a pair of pretty pastel heels as a statement piece.

Cashmere Sweater at the Pool

If your pool or beach is already open, or if you live in an area where the pool and beach are always in season, leave behind your college t-shirt that you’re still using as a bathing suit cover-up. And don’t worry about feeling left out in the cold in a damp towel. You can wear a cashmere sweater as a bathing suit cover-up. As the sun begins to set and you feel that spring breeze coming in, your soft cashmere sweater will keep you warm, stylish, and all covered up instead.

Cardigan Sweater Top

Instead of wearing your cardigan for layering, wear a cardigan sweater as a top. Try a knit cardigan with a skirt and sneakers. You’ll look like one of those influencers on TikTok but with fewer dance moves and indie rock. Pair your cardigan sweater top with a midi skirt in a floral or animal print, or vice versa by wearing a cardigan sweater top with a fun pattern and a solid color midi skirt. Your shoes can join in on the fun with a floral or animal print pattern. If you love our knit cardigan sweaters, check out our knit dresses too!

With any of these transitional sweater options, you’ll have the warmth of a winter sweater with the style of a spring pullover or jumper, whatever you want to call it. Spring forward into your new look with confidence.


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