Transitional Outfits for Spring

Transitional Outfits for Spring

April is the cruelest month, T.S. Eliot said, probably referring to the fact that we can be wearing a breezy T-shirt one day, and a full-on winter coat the next. Transitions are always a little bumpy, and while we love the lower temperatures and the buds on the trees starting to bloom, spring can be tricky when it comes to dressing.

We can get trigger-happy at the first sign of a 60-degree day, ready to ditch our coats and sweaters and cruise along until summer. But alas, the spring months are more fickle than we’d like, and we find ourselves switching back and forth between warm weather and cold weather outfits practically every day, it seems. Luckily, transitional outfits can be the most fun of all, mixing everything we love about winter and spring dressing and creating a whole new category of fabulous fashion. We encourage you to embrace variety when it comes to weather and your closet and try on these wonderful transitional outfits for spring.

The Statement Sweater

Come spring, we’re not mad at the changeable temperatures for giving us an excuse to show off the sweaters we’ve been hiding under our winter coats all season. Especially the ones with fun patterns, bright colors, and interesting silhouettes.

Spring is the perfect time to go outside wearing your favorite jeans paired with an amazing embellished cardigan , or v-neck sweater. This transitional time is also a great moment to mix the wintery warmth of a good sweater with the light and playful pastel colors of the spring season. This is perhaps our favorite way to transition our winter outfits to spring, and to welcome the season without sacrificing our comfort.

The Knit Top

Keeping us warm and fashionable through fall, winter, and spring, and sometimes even up into summer, the knit top is the perfect transitional piece to wear as we approach springtime. Adding a warm inner layer to your look that you’ll want to show off, the knit top is a warmer way to do a statement top. A knit top pairs well with a light jacket in early spring, when the temperatures can still run a little cold, and looks great tucked into jeans or high-waisted pants . We love the fun patterns, prints, and cuts that the knit top can take. A long-sleeve square-necked one, for example, can be dressed up for an event where you want to stay relatively warm but not wear a jacket. A short-sleeved knit top is super flattering as well, and looks great with any bottom you choose to pair it with.

The Button-Down Shirt

When you want to embrace the delicate tank top or camisole look, but don’t want to freeze in the oftentimes cold weather that spring can suddenly bring, the button-down shirt is ideal.

Choose one in a springy seersucker print, or a pastel oxford shirt worn unbuttoned with a pair of jeans or skirt, and have the best of both worlds. We even like tying it at the waist for a playful western spin on the look.

White Jeans

While we don’t necessarily abide by the rule about wearing white after labor day, and embrace the color in any season, it’s particularly fun to wear white jeans as spring begins, transitioning our denim look for the warmer seasons, and staying cool at the same time.

Wearing white jeans instantly puts a spring in your step—we love pairing them with a tucked-in button-down shirt and belt, with a light jacket and a pair of heeled boots, or low-rise sneakers sans socks.

The Scarf

The scarf will serve you well come spring—in fact, we pretty much always have at least a light scarf in our bags all the way through summer. You never know what the temperature will bring, and having a scarf or wrap with you as you enjoy the outdoors in the spring can make or break your day. It never ceases to surprise us when a warm day turns into a chilly—or even frigid—night, and a scarf is a fashionable way to stay comfortable no matter what. It also serves as a great picnic blanket in a pinch!

The Sweater Dress

Spring for us means dresses—the fresh air and blooming flowers make us want to wear nothing but flowy, flowery numbers every day. But we might be getting overzealous, here, as not every day is warm enough to bare our legs or wear an ultra-light spring dress. Enter the sweater dress. Everything you love about sweaters, elongated.

Wrapping up in a sweater dress on a chilly spring day allows us to excite in the season ahead, while still staying warm

All of these items can also pair well with a light jacket, like a military coat or jean jacket, if things get even chillier. There are so many wonderful transitional pieces to play around With as winter turns to spring, we almost wish it would stay in this in-between zone forever.

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