Best Tops for Women Over 60

Tops for Women Over 60

For many women over 60, some of the tops on the market are just not ideal for your stage of life (although, women can wear anything they want at any age!). But, if you’re looking for tops that are ideal for women 60 and up, there is a range of items you can choose from, and we’re here to help you find the best tops for you. Below, find a variety of top options for women over 60 to wear throughout the year.

Cotton T-Shirts

Every wardrobe needs to have a few high-quality women’s tee shirts, ideally in a range of colors that can fit your mood, season, or the outing. Cotton tends to be the T-shirt material of choice—cotton tees are readily available and look good in many situations. You can wear one under a blazer for a work-friendly outfit or slip one on with a pair of shorts for some weekend gardening.

White Button-Down Tops

There is nothing more classic than a white button-down top, an item that every woman over 60 needs in her wardrobe. You can find long-sleeved button-down tops, short-sleeved button-downs, or three-quarter-length-sleeved tops that are all fit for different occasions. You can easily put one on with a colorful skirt for occasions like baby showers or church, or dress it down with a pair of jeans and flats for a day of errands or lounging around the house.

Chambray Shirts

Chambray shirts are tops that resemble blue denim and look good on everyone, no matter your age or body type. They come in all different styles, from tunics to button-downs, so you can easily find a chambray shirt that fits your fashion sense.

For women over 60, any style of chambray shirt is a good idea because of its versatility. In the summer months, you can easily pair your chambray with some white jeans and flats and during colder seasons, you can layer it underneath a crewneck sweater for a cute and cozy look. Best of all, they’re versatile tops that are good for all different occasions. You can dress up a button-down chambray by tucking it into a structured pencil skirt or dress it down by throwing it over a casual T-shirt and black jeans.

A Cozy Sweatshirt (or Two!)

If there’s one thing everyone likes, including women over 60, it’s comfortable and cozy sweatshirts. Gone are the days of unstylish sweatshirts that are only meant for a morning workout, you can easily find fitted, stylish sweatshirts that look great when worn with khakis or jeans. Look out for striped sweatshirts, half-zip sweatshirts, or sweatshirts with fun detailing that isn’t just something you’d throw on with workout pants.


A turtleneck is another classic item that looks great on everyone and is a great top option for any event—plus, turtlenecks add a huge dose of chic to your outfit (classic Marilyn Monroe or Jackie O, anyone?). Turtlenecks come in a range of fabrics, like wool for winter and cotton for warmer days, and look good on their own or when worn underneath a simple button-down sweater. They’re great for all women, including those over 60, and if you’re someone who wants to hide their neck for personal reasons, this is the perfect top for you.


Speaking of cardigan sweaters, you can truly never go wrong by adding one to your closet. They can keep you warm when a chill blows through the air and are the perfect layering piece for a dinner date with your partner or a night out with friends. A long cardigan is great for ladies who want to cover up their bum while short cardigans are ideal for wearing with a dress or pair of jeans.


Tunic tops are longer shirts that tend to end around the hip, below the start of your pants or skirt. They offer a little more coverage for those who don’t want their shirts to ride up as they move around and are a stylish top to boot. They’re just as great to wear with straight-leg jeans and boots as they are with leggings and sneakers. You can find tunics in many different styles, like button-down tunics, more formal tunics in silky fabrics, and casual tunics made of cotton or jersey.

There are nearly endless options when it comes to finding ideal tops for women over 60. In the end, find some styles you feel good in, like to wear, and go with other items in your wardrobe. No matter your age, there are tons of tops out there that can boost your confidence and have you ready for whatever the day holds.


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