Top Tips for Staying Warm at Work

Top Tips for Staying Warm At Work

Space heaters, fireplaces, blankets galore—keeping warm in the comfort of your own home shouldn’t be a chore. But if you’re spending a good chunk of the day in a building where you don’t control the thermostat, things get a little more complicated.

That brings us to staying warm at work. While company dress codes vary, wearing a full winter parka in your cubicle isn’t particularly professional—or practical. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep warm while at the office, and at home too! When it comes to the cold, Lands’ End has you covered.

Add a Silk Base Layer

Silk long underwear is your best choice for adding warmth to any dress code. Silk is a natural insulator, which retains body heat even as it wicks away moisture. The lightweight and soft, sliding texture of silk allows it to be slipped under a full suit or jeans and a tee with total ease. We make our long underwear shirt longer in the back, so you can tuck it in without fear of it poking out later. Silk long underwear is perfect for the workplace because it won’t be noticeable or bulky under thinner women’s blouses or button-down shirts. If wearing long underwear under your sweater makes you too warm during the workday, you can easily ditch the sweater and wear the shirt underneath on its own. Lands’ End long johns are designed to not be too revealing when worn by themselves, making them a perfect under layer for places that change temperature often. We’re looking at you, Mark. We all know you mess with the thermostat on the way to the lounge.

Keep a Throw Blanket (or Five) at Your Workstation

You may not be able to import your fireplace from home, but you can also bring a throw blanket to the office. With so many warming fabrics to pick from—fleece, wool, ringspun cotton, the best call may be to bring a couple. You can even lend them to fellow coworkers showing signs of shivers. Just add a monogram so you can claim any blankets that inevitably get misplaced. When the holidays come around, get the coldest members of your office one of their own, complete with a monogram that makes it uniquely theirs. That way you’ll have more blankets to keep yourself! If that seems a little too, “I’ve given up” for you, opt for a cozy poncho in a soft acrylic or luxurious cashmere. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a warm, cozy blanket, but will keep a look of professionalism that a throw blanket cape might cover-up.

Consider EZ Touch™ Gloves

If it comes to this, you may just want to speak to the boss about increasing the heat a little bit. Nevertheless, EZ Touch™ Gloves can both prevent your fingers from turning frosty and allow you to finish the day’s work. The gloves are made from a warm wool blend, and EZ Touch™ tech located at the fingers won’t hinder your ability to work a keyboard or a smartphone screen (it will not, however, increase your concentration). These gloves are also perfect for people who don’t have great circulation or spend all of their time with one hand on the mouse and the other on a keyboard. Even if your office is warm most of the time, your hands can quickly get cold if they’re up on the desk and not moving for long periods of time. Because your body is so used to your hands being down by your sides for the majority of the time, getting blood to your fingers while typing or using a computer can be trickier, making your hands get colder faster. Gloves or not, it’s always a good idea to stand up from your desk and stretch at least once every half hour to keep the blood pumping.

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