Top Tips for Staying Warm at Work

Top Tips for Staying Warm At Work

Space heaters, fireplaces, blankets galore—keeping warm in the comfort of your own home should never feel like a chore. But if you're spending a good chunk of each weekday in a building where you don't control the thermostat, staying warm can start to feel like a bit of a challenge. Regardless of your office's specific dress code, there's more pressure to look professional while at work, so you can't necessarily show up wrapped in your down comforter like a cozy burrito (yum!), nor can you rock your puffiest parka while you tackle your to-do list at your desk. And don't even get us started on the fact that so many offices tend to blast that arctic AC year-round!

While it's true that staying warm during the workday can be more challenging than it is at home, there are some practical ways to beat that office building chill. If you're ready to retire those frozen fingers and say "see ya never" to workplace shivers, read on for our top tips for staying warm at work.

Rock a Silk Base Layer

When it comes to staying warm at work, women's long underwear is an absolute must-have. And when it comes to the best long underwear, look no further than silk. Silk long underwear is your best choice for adding warmth to any office look, regardless of your company's dress code. Silk is a natural insulator, which retains body heat even as it wicks away moisture. The lightweight and soft, sliding texture of silk allows it to be slipped under a full suit or pants and a blouse with total ease.

Silk long underwear is perfect for the workplace because it won’t be noticeable or bulky under thinner blouses or button-down shirts. And for particularly cold workplace settings, simply layer a sweater over your long underwear top. As a pro tip, opt for a silk long john top that also works as a stand-alone top, so one that's flattering and not too revealing. That way, if you find that wearing long underwear under your sweater makes you too warm during the workday, you can easily ditch the sweater and wear the shirt underneath on its own.

Keep a Throw Blanket (or Five) at Your Workstation

Sure, it might not be advised to show to up work in a blanket cocoon or to roll out of bed and throw your comforter on over your business casual outfit. That said, it is definitely a-okay to keep a throw blanket at your desk. Throw blankets provide the perfect option for something to throw over your lap while you type away at your desk, and will add a ton of cozy comfort without detracting from your office. And if you want to win some major popularity points at the office, don't be shy about bringing a few throw blankets in to lend them to a teammate showing signs of the shivers.

Find a few throw blankets in warming fabrics like fleece, wool, ringspun cotton, or even oh-so-dreamy cashmere. If you're worried about bringing these prized possessions into an environment where they might get misplaced (like socks to a dryer, items like mugs and pencils often have a way of disappearing into that office void), simply add a monogram of your initials to your throws before bringing them into work. And when the holidays come around, get the coldest members of your office one of their own, complete with a monogram that makes it uniquely theirs.

Come Prepared With a Sweater Layer

While rocking a huge parka throughout the day might be a bit much, adding a cozy women's cardigan sweater is just right. That's because a cardigan layer will provide both bulk-free warmth and style points, and these sweaters are polished and professional enough to wear in any office setting.

Having a few cardigan sweaters in your rotation is the perfect way to complete your office-friendly outfits, or to keep them at your desk so you never have to worry about being unprepared for the chill. Opt for styles like a classic button-up crewneck cardigan, a long open-front cardigan, or a tie-front cardigan. Choose your favorite fabrics, from silky-soft cashmere to cotton blend cable knit, and wear these over dresses, blouses, or button-ups. With the right style and fit, you can also totally use these as middle layers between a top and a blazer, if your work dress code calls for it.

Try Tech-Friendly Gloves

Let's circle back to those frozen fingers we mentioned earlier. For many of us, we need our fingers and hands available to tackle the day's work, which is why you can't keep them in a cozy pocket throughout the day. Because these important extremities are so exposed in an office setting, consider some tech-friendly gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm in a cold workplace. EZ Touch™ Gloves, for example, can both prevent your fingers from turning frosty, while also allowing you to tackle your to-do list. These women's fleece gloves are made from a seriously warm wool blend, and EZ Touch™ tech located at the fingers won’t hinder your ability to work a keyboard or a smartphone screen.

A pair of EZ Touch™ Gloves are also perfect for people who don’t have great circulation or spend all of their time with one hand on the mouse and the other on a keyboard. Even if your office doesn't give off arctic vibes (lucky you, by the way!), your hands can quickly get cold if they’re up on the desk and not moving for long periods of time. Because your body is so used to your hands being down by your sides for the majority of the time, getting blood to your fingers while typing or using a computer can be trickier, making your hands get colder faster.

While you might not be able to transport your fireplace and your favorite armchair to your office, we hope that these tips will provide a practical alternative. Here's to productive (and warm) workdays ahead!

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