Top Tips for Home Organization

Top 8 Tips for Beautiful Home Organization

Few things are more satisfying than an organized home. Whether you’re tackling one room or your whole house, here are our top home organization hacks that will create more efficient spaces and keep your home looking beautiful day in and day out.

1. Use drawer dividers.

We all have that one drawer in our house (or maybe a few throughout the house) that seems to collect miscellaneous things. From pens and paper clips to Chapstick and extra chargers, a junk drawer is a catch-all for all the random items you need quick access to. Too often, though, this drawer becomes a dumping ground. If you don’t keep it organized, looking for a roll of tape can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Modular drawer dividers are a great way to organize junk drawers, as well as other kitchen, bathroom, and desk drawers. With a variety of sections and sizes, you can configure the compartments to neatly hold different-sized items and to keep everything easily accessible.

2. Look for fun and functional ways to use wasted space.

Are you in need of more storage space? Before you go and rent a storage unit, take a look around your house. There may be spots you can utilize that you never realized. Have you thought about freeing up floor space in smaller rooms by adding floating shelves? Floating shelves add function and sleek lines to your walls. They’re easy to install, can make use of underutilized space like corners, and can be added anywhere in your house. Have you tried over-the-door hangers? They’re perfect for hanging bath towels or extra throw blankets on the inside of linen closet doors. These hangers keep household items out of sight and unwrinkled making your closet look put together when you open the door.

3. Create storage labels.

Storage baskets and bins are great for organizing kitchen pantries, laundry room shelves, and bedroom closets. And if you want to make sure your partner, kids, or house guests return items where they belong, put storage labels on your baskets and bins. Labels are a simple touch that saves time, adds clarity, and increases the chances of your home staying organized. You can either buy a label maker, get creative, and make DIY storage labels or order storage labels online.

4. Get matching hangers.

This may be the quickest and most fulfilling way to make your closet look more coordinated without actually having to go through all your clothes. Whether you choose sleek wood or non-slip velvet hangers, putting your women’s blouses and dresses on matching hangers will instantly organize and beautify your closet. 

5. Hang it up.

Your clothes aren’t the only thing that looks nice hung up. Have you considered installing a towel bar over your kitchen sink if you have the wall space? It’s not just a cute way to fill a blank wall, it’s also very practical. It’s the perfect place to neatly hang kitchen items you use every day, such as your monogrammed hand towels, coffee mugs, or kitchen utensils. You can also try installing towel bars in your shed to hang up your smaller lawn and garden tools.

6. Invest in matching canisters.

Does your kitchen lack storage? That usually means you have to store things on your counter. But if you put your flour, sugar, and other foods in matching clear canisters, it won’t make your counters look messy or cluttered. It keeps your food visible and pretty, and it makes your kitchen counters look beautifully organized.

7. Organize by color.

Organizing your home by color is as beautiful as it is functional. The first place many go to is their closet. A color-coded closet is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it can also make getting dressed in the morning a lot easier. Move to your home office next. Assign each of your home files, from bills to medical records, their own color, and then arrange your files accordingly in your desk drawers or filing cabinets. You can also give each of your kids a different colored canvas storage bin to keep their belongings in or have them organize their blocks and other toys in the playroom by color. 

8. Add sophisticated storage baskets.

Stairs and counters seem to collect piles of clutter faster than you can put them away. It’s an easy habit to get into throwing your mail on the kitchen counter when you get home from work or for your kids to throw things on the stairs rather than taking them to their rooms. Keep the clutter stylishly contained by placing seagrass baskets in these spaces. These decorative baskets come in a range of shapes and sizes, and their natural style instantly upgrades the look and feel of any room. Large seagrass storage baskets are also great for storing seasonal items on the bottom of your linen closet, like beach towels and fleece blankets, without making your closet look messy and cluttered.

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