Top 4 Coats for a Spring Wedding

Top 4 Coats for a Spring Wedding

While outerwear isn’t generally the first thing that you think about when planning what to wear to a spring wedding, it’s an important factor to consider. Spring weather is notoriously unpredictable. It might be a little bit chilly, but it could also be a bit warmer than expected. It could be balmy one moment, and the breeze could pick up the next. Instead of playing a guessing game or taking your chances, make sure that you’re prepared by wearing an appropriate coat! The right styles look great paired with women’s dresses, and they will help you stay comfortable during those unexpectedly brisk moments.


The trench coat isn’t just a classic addition to your wardrobe meant solely for rainy days, but it is ideal for those windy, chilly occasions. It’s also a great option for a springtime wedding. The beauty of the trench coat is that it’s available in a wide range of colors. You aren’t limited to the classic tans typically reserved for investigators, nor do you have to keep it simple in tried-and-true black. Feel free to branch out, especially if you have big plans to wear your trench to special events throughout the season. Colors like blush, light blue, and mint green all resonate beautifully with the spring weather and will look right at home over your fit-and-flare dress.


If the wedding takes place early in the season, there will likely still be a hint of winter chill lingering in the air depending on where you live. One way to counter the effects of uncomfortably cold weather is to wear something that’s just a step down from what you might wear through the chilliest months of the year. A lighter take on your usual women’s wool coat, for example, is a smart choice. To make this work during spring, consider a structured peacoat made with a wool blend fabric. It will keep you warm, but not so hot that you feel suffocated. And you can easily pair it with a midi-length or maxi dress for a look that’s perfect for the season and the occasion.


Blazers are almost always reserved for the office and job interviews, but they can be meaningful to other areas of your life, too. It’s just a matter of selecting the right style! Avoid anything too structured; the clean lines and crisp silhouette associated with the traditional suit blazer are far too professional looking to work in a festive environment. So how do you wear a blazer over, say, your fit-and-flare or jersey dress? First, keep it tonal, or within a relatively similar spectrum of colors. If you’re wearing a blush-toned dress, for example, try a jacket in a similar hue. Because the two pieces match, it will give off the appearance of a set that’s meant to be worn together.

Consider the silhouette of the dress, too. If you’re wearing a fit-and-flare, think about belting your blazer at the waist to coordinate with the shape of what you’re wearing underneath. This will also contribute to the dressy effect. In general, if your dress is long, it’s best to wear a shorter length – even cropped – jacket to create a balanced look that exudes a hint of dressiness and feels better suited to the event. You can also seek out special details to add a touch of glitz and glamour to your look, like a jewel-accented lapel or pearl buttons. This will help set it apart from more professional clothing and lend your look a special accent.

Faux Fur

When better than a spring wedding to add a splash of luxury to your look? Whether you want to add some contrast to your shirt dress or just feel like wearing something a little bit unexpected yet not inappropriate for the occasion, consider a faux fur jacket. The advantage of this option is that you can select from so many different silhouettes based on the style and structure of your dress. A plush, cropped topper with a single button closure at the neck looks lovely over a more fitted dress or a maxi dress because it helps establish a balanced look.

A longer style is perfect to wear over a shorter or midi-length dress, particularly if you don’t plan to wear the jacket throughout the event but do want to make sure that you have something cozy on hand just in case. You can even opt for a lighter bolero that falls just below the bust if your primary concern is covering up at least a portion of your upper body without weighing yourself down or stealing attention away from your dress.

Dress for Comfort

Above all, dress with your comfort in mind. It may feel uncomfortably cool the morning of the wedding before warming up enough that you don’t really need your jacket or coat during the actual ceremony. The right style will see you through no matter what the conditions are like.


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