Top 9 Canvas Spring Totes to Go with Your Attire

Top 9 Canvas Spring Totes to Go with Your Outfit

Springtime means a flurry of activity as the weather gets warmer. Stay put together and stylish by turning to stylish canvas totes to keep everything organized and on hand no matter what your spring days bring on!

1. The Open-Top Large Canvas Shopper

Shopping is essential to everyday life, and even more so in spring when there’s a bevy of new items needed. From stopping by the local mall or a boutique clothing store to browsing the fresh fruit and vegetables as they begin popping up at farmers’ markets, an easy-to-use large canvas shopping tote is perfect to have on hand. An open-top makes it easy to toss items inside, and the canvas fabric is durable enough to hold up to your haul. Don’t forget those outdoor clearance sales, spring yard sales, and open-air markets you’ll want to visit this spring, too!

2. Medium Canvas Tote for Errands and Small Trips

A midsize canvas bag is a perfect companion to carry along for a quick trip to the market, to have on hand for errands, or even to keep a few basics like bottled water and snacks. The versatile size of a medium canvas tote makes it practical for a wide variety of needs, including:

3. The Zippered Canvas Tote

While open-top large and medium canvas totes are ideal for tossing items in and grabbing them with ease, spring can also call for canvas totes that offer more security. A canvas bag with a zip-top can make it easy to carry important papers for school or work, keep things like gym clothes or personal care items stowed neatly away, or when you have small items you need to keep secure. Zip-top totes are also ideal for crowded areas or anytime when you need to ensure belongings stay put.

4. The Crossbody Canvas Tote

While many totes do a great job of storing your belongings, a crossbody style might just do it the best, especially when it comes to larger loads. This type of bag usually has shoulder straps and a longer crossbody handle. When worn across the body, it distributes the weight of the bag to make it easier to carry and keeps your hands free. Use it for a stylish, practical solution all spring. This also makes a great beach bag!

5. The Mini

Mini bags are not only adorable, but they can be highly functional, too. A small canvas bag makes a cute and casual way to carry essentials like keys, cash, or your wallet and a cell phone without weighing down your pockets. This can be a great go-to spring bag instead of a weighty purse. It looks light, breezy, and stylish, so it’s perfect for your spring errands or everyday use.

6. Water-Resistant Canvas

It’s no secret we never know what the spring weather is going to do, so a coated canvas bag with water-resistant properties is a good option to have. This type of bag will help to protect your belongings and stay dry if it begins to drizzle. It’s also a breeze to keep clean.

7. The Bright Bag

Does the rainy weather have you down? A canvas bag in a bright color is the antidote! A springy color will make you (and everyone around you) smile and help chase those clouds away. A bright color can work beautifully with a variety of spring outfits, from women's dresses to a neutral spring suit to a floral print blouse and denim skirt. It welcomes the season beautifully, and it’s a great way to accessorize for spring without breaking the bank.

8. The Striped Canvas Bag

There’s just something special about a striped canvas bag that looks pulled together and stylish no matter what you wear it with. Because striped bags have a nautical vibe, they are gorgeous spring accessories. Look for shades of blue, white, turquoise, or even multi-colored stripes to make a splash. Wear it with a women's white blouse for instant style.

9. The Monogrammed Canvas Bag

If there’s one canvas bag you won’t want to go without this spring, it’s a monogrammed backpack or bag in a canvas style. No matter what size you opt for, a monogrammed bag has a lot going for it. They look stylish and sophisticated against the canvas without looking stuffy–giving a modern look that’s elegant yet relaxed. You can also easily spot your bag, even if you set it down inadvertently. It’s easier to identify at a lost or found or in a crowd, giving you an added measure of security and protection. It also has the perfect presentation when you want a pretty, polished spring look without too much fuss.

Canvas just screams spring, so there are plenty of options in this stylish and practical tote for the season. It goes with everything from tees to tunics, too. Consider features like exterior slip pockets, reinforced bottoms, key loops, and adjustable straps or handles. Choose from solid colors, neutrals, prints, or options for a sunny springtime look.


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