Top 6 Flannel Outfits This Holiday Season

Top 6 Flannel Outfits This Holiday Season

Flannel is a staple item for the cooler months, and with the holiday season just around the corner, your social calendar is about to get a lot busier. Whether you're out running errands and need a more casual look, or party hopping on a Friday night near Christmas, flannel is a versatile and classic style that can take you from day to night with just a few easy changes. No matter where you live, you'll feel pleasantly cool, festive, and comfortable decked out in these six flannel outfits this holiday season.

The Timeless Flannel Button Up

There's something oddly Jackie O about a starched white button-down and denim at any time of the year, but come fall, the urge to throw on a flannel shirt is obvious! Trade-in your white button-down for a more colorful plaid flannel shirt that is equally classic. Roll up the sleeves, pop a collar, and pair your favorite fitted classic button-down shirt with dark denim jeans and boots or closed-toed heels for a put-together look that can take you from running errands to casual evening dinners and get-togethers. To make your outfit more put together or to add a feminine touch, wear your plaid flannel shirt with simple pearls and your hair pulled back for a sophisticated and elegant look.

The Casual Flannel and Layered Vest Duo

Ready to take on the day? If you're flying from store to store, or running errands with the kids, opt for a layered vest with a fitted flannel shirt underneath. Layering a women’s fleece vest over a flannel shirt is a preppy and put-together look that also serves its purpose: keeping you warm. The vest will keep your core warm, while the long sleeves of your flannel shirt will cover your arms. Roll up your sleeves and wear this outfit with jeans or leggings, and you've instantly got a fun look that's polished and warm.

A Flannel Tunic for Feminine Flare

Flannel tunics are a fun alternative to the traditional cut of flannel shirts. Typically in the form of a button-down, flannel shirts are normally more fitted and don't hang too low. Flannel tunics are different; the cut is much longer, and the shape, while still fitted, is flattering for plus size figures. Pair flannel tunics with a pair of leggings and boots, and you instantly have a feminine look that covers your bottom but also gives you a fitted upper body and button-down feature.

Freshen Up Flannel With Vivid Colors

For a modern take on a traditional look, try a light-colored or solid-patterned flannel shirt. It turns out that not all flannel shirts need to have a plaid design; now you can opt for a pastel herringbone pattern or even polka dots for a more modern alternative. Pair these bright and fresh patterns with different colored pants or denim for a vibrant and coordinated look. For a much more girly or feminine look, it's always fun to contrast fitted button-down shirts with sparkly jewelry or bright accessories to elevate the look from a casual vibe to a bold and sassy look. Who says winter has to be dull?

Flannel Jackets for Cooler Days

When the temperature does drop and a casual flannel shirt doesn't quite cut it, opt for a flannel jacket for the same look but a much warmer feel. Flannel jackets are often reversible and have a fuller lining, making them extra warm. Pair your flannel jacket with jeans or leggings and warm boots for a look that you can wear outdoors without having to worry. The soft appeal of flannel is still present, but you will be much warmer. Pair this look with a flannel beanie or hat and gloves, when it gets really cold, for a wintertime look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Flannel Loungewear for Cozy Days Indoors

Every now and then, you'll need a warm, cozy day in. Flannel is the perfect soft fabric for lounging at home in style. Flannel loungewear comes in all different varieties, from flannel robes to flannel pajamas—sets that look so good, you'll want to wear them all day long. Brushed cotton is ultra-soft and warm, making these outfits the perfect at-home look for sipping cocoa and relaxing with the family. Better yet, pair your at-home look with a flannel robe, flannel slippers, and more. You'll love flannel loungewear so much that you'll want to buy a set for the whole family, and it just so happens that you can with matching family Christmas pajamas.

Flannel Blankets And Accessories For Maximum Warmth

Although a flannel blanket is not technically an article of clothing, it is something you can wrap yourself up in while you are spending a cozy day indoors during the winter season. Why settle for a plain old throw blanket when you can have a super warm flannel blanket with a shearling fur lining? If you want to have something similar to a flannel blanket that you can actually wear out in public, consider investing in a flannel shawl or a large flannel scarf. It’s the best of both worlds: cozy and trendy.

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