Top 5 Winter Boot Styles to Brave the Snow

Top 5 Winter Boot Styles to Brave the Snow

From rethinking your morning routine to bundling up in layer after layer, how you dress this winter will depict how you feel. Kick the winter off right with boots that will leave you feeling warm and confident all season long. Whether you are knee-deep in the icy snow or roaming the city dodging freezing temperatures, there is a look for every woman this winter.

Remember, when it comes to choosing the perfect women's winter boots, you'll want to look for a pair that's comfortable, supportive, and suitable for your lifestyle. Nobody wants to be caught in a snowstorm wearing boots that won't stand up to the elements, so be smart while being stylish. Look for winter boots that blend functionality with creative style using different textures, fabrics, and patterns or colors. This will allow you to jazz up your wardrobe while still staying comfortable. Whether you are looking for fun and bold booties, or durable and winter resilient duck boots, this list of the best stylish winter boots to get you through the cold season will help you make the best style choices your feet will thank you for.

1. Booties

Booties come in a variety of styles, making them extremely versatile. While these boots, with their lower height falling around the ankles, may not be best for below-freezing temperatures–they are the perfect transitional boot to go from fall to winter in moderate weather. Wear booties with denim, either rolled up to showcase your stylish footwear, or tucked into skinny jeans, for a look that can be dressed up or down simply with the addition of jewelry or a lush winter coat. Booties can be sassy and statement-making in colors and patterns such as leopard print or maroon suede. Choose a pair that is easy to slip on and slip off, or opt for a glam zipper that acts both as a decoration and as a functional fixture.

2. Chelsea Boots

Cue the ever-so classic Chelsea boot. These boots are similarly lower in height, but they come in a variety of materials and their easy-to-slide-on opening makes them efficient and activity-friendly. Chelsea boots have a noticeable extending fabric side for an almost utilitarian look. In brown and black leather, shiny or matte, they can be worn with leggings and chunky sweaters, or with jeans tucked inside for an effortless and cool style. Chelsea boots are another example of an easy transitional boot that can go from fall to winter with only slight tweaks, and their adjustable, stretchy siding means you can layer them with thick winter socks if you're in a chillier setting.

3. Tall Boots

An ode to tall boots! These boots are the ultimate in winter wear and can be paired gorgeously with everything from leggings to tapered skinny jeans. Tucked in, tall boots are ultra-warm, yet still stylish and statement-making. Whether you choose traditional riding boots or are looking for more decorative, heeled boots, tall boots will get you through the winter season with weather-resilient designs and a snug, warm, protective outer layer. Pair tall brown leather boots with dark-wash, high-rise jeans tucked inside them, then add a turtleneck sweater and fleece vest for a sophisticated, casual look that is suitable for moderate temperatures and looks polished and elegant.

4. Duck Boots

For a casual and yet sophisticated look, women's duck boots can go up against rain and cold, even snow. And sleek and funky look screams a cool outdoorsy vibe, making them a statement in their own right. Pair duck boots with leggings and an oversized sweater or long-sleeve shirt for a hiking trip, or with a fleece jacket for a walk in the cold. The fastenings on duck boots are laces, so they are not easy to slip on and off, but the durable design and materials make them day-time and winter-activity friendly.

5. Snow Boots

Sometimes you just can't escape the cold weather. And, when that happens, you may find yourself sacrificing the sleek and sassy styles of booties and ankle boots for warmer, more comfortable, heavy-duty winter snow boots. But, when it comes to choosing the perfect snow boots, you don't have to sacrifice all your stylish tendencies. Instead, look for snow boots that have a more low-profile silhouette and aren't too bulky or heavy. Embrace your style with boots that show off your favorite color, and even look for special decorations like a fur trim or contrast piping that may highlight your women's winter fashion boots or give you a chic flair.

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