Top 3 Comfortable Plus Size Sweaters

Top 3 Comfortable Plus Size Sweaters

Plus size sweaters aren't just standard fall and winter wear. They're among the few garments that hold importance year-round. You'll find reasons to wear them throughout spring, for example, and even on occasional summer days when an unexpected wind threatens your comfort. Think of a sweater as the ultimate investment piece–something that you'll wear all the time and that you can easily pair with dozens of other items in your closet. Besides, you can trust it to round out many of your outfits with ease.

But what exactly is it that makes it truly comfortable? Is it the piece that you can throw on and go without a second thought? Is it the one that looks just as amazing with stretchy jeggings as it does with tailored trousers? Or is it so soft you could potentially sleep in it? It's a little bit of everything, actually. If you're on the hunt for the best additions to your wardrobe, keep these suggestions in mind.

Cashmere Is Everything

Cashmere is distinctive for its ability to retain body heat without weighing you down. You can easily slip it on beneath a jacket, coat, or, in some cases, even a thick blazer when you're at the office. In other words, don't take its lightweight feel at face value. That's just part of its value and advantage–but you'll never want for actual warmth when you're wearing it. The beauty of the piece is that it keeps you just as warm as something thicker and more substantial, but doesn't add unnecessary bulk.

For those seeking plus size cashmere sweaters to wear throughout the coldest months of the year, you'll find them in a variety of styles, including airy cardigans, soft pullovers, and even easy turtlenecks. They pair well with everything from tailored pants to worn-in jeans. Because cashmere is so soft and luxurious, it offers the added advantage of dressing up your basics in a way that the average sweater can't.

Cotton Cardigans Rule

Cotton likely conjures images of the lightweight pieces that you primarily wear during spring and summer. It is, after all, the ultimate warm-weather fabric, known for its ability to wick moisture from the skin and keep you cool and comfortable. But don't discount its presence during fall and winter, either. A plus size cotton cardigan is pretty much the wardrobe MVP you didn't know you needed. Think about how easy it is to get ready when you're headed out to run errands or grab a coffee before settling back in at home. You may sometimes need a jacket, but in many cases, a great sweater is a more sensible alternative. That's partly for its ability to keep you warm and cozy, but also because it can pull together a look better than a voluminous jacket. Cotton cardigans are also special because they're available in so many varieties. You'll find everything from heavy-duty shawl collar cardigans to lightweight models that are just made to wear with crisp white blouses and tailored pants for a day at the office. Meanwhile, longer lengths look great paired with leggings. A cardigan is the ultimate do-it-all piece that every wardrobe should include.

Warm in Wool

Naturally, wool is a cold-weather staple that never goes out of style. How can it, when it's been used to create clothing for centuries? A women's wool sweater will never steer you wrong, both because of its classic, enduring appeal, and its versatility. Wool has the added advantage of keeping you warm and highlighting your assets without adding unnecessarily to your frame. Wool fills in nicely, creating the warming layer that you need to handle even the chilliest days with ease without feeling constricted or uncomfortable.

Our wool range is designed with your every need–and every lifestyle–in mind. There are easy pull-on styles to wear while you enjoy a brisk morning walk with your neighbor on a breezy November morning. There are timeless zip-front styles that you can wear in lieu of a hoodie or sweatshirt when you want to really pull your look together. There are even mock turtlenecks, which are wonderful to wear underneath flannel shirts and even sleeveless dresses when you need that added layer of coziness.

Sweaters are versatile garments that you'll find useful all year round. You never want to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa, and you don't have to. There's a happy medium where both worlds coexist peacefully, and they allow you to create beautiful looks that are flattering to your figure while keeping you warm.


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