Four Tips for What to Wear to the Beach in 2023

Four Tips for What to Wear to the Beach in 2023

There’s so much more to love about getting dressed for the beach besides being able to wear your favorite new bathing suit, though we always love an excuse to slip into ours. Beachwear encompasses what you wear at the beach, but also what you wear on your way there. It’s about embodying a carefree sense of fashion that you’d feel comfortable wearing anywhere from the supermarket to the sandy beach, and is all about layering a wide array of colors, fabrics, and styles to create a look that’s uniquely you. Beachwear is also about relaxation, and the number one ingredient for relaxation is comfort. It turns out that some of the most stylish looks are also the most comfortable—after all, feeling comfortable is the first step to looking great. These are just some of the criteria we used in our guide on what to wear to the beach in 2023. Let’s take a look!

Slip On a Sarong

It’s sarong…but it’s so right. Corny jokes aside, the sarong is an absolute essential for the beach this year. Its lightweight fabric and gorgeous variety of prints allow us to effortlessly add a little personality to our beach look. It’s essentially a light scarf (and can be used as one in the winter, too), and its endlessly variable shape can take on whatever form you give to it. We love throwing it on over our bathing suit as we’re leaving the house. It can either be worn as a maxi skirt by tying it around the waist, or even as a dress by tying it around the chest. We love the easygoing boho style that a sarong brings to our beachwear look, encouraging an attitude of anything goes, and allowing us to relax both on the beach, and on the way there.

Once we arrive, we can use our sarong as a cover-up when the wind blows, or as sun protection when its glare is too much to handle. It also works as a great beach blanket, or even a towel if you or someone else forgot theirs!

Try Some High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

When it comes to bathing suit bottoms, our go-to pick is anything high-waisted. We love the chic silhouette of a high-waisted bikini bottom, with its universally flattering cut and retro style, harkening back to the bathing suits of the 40s, 50s and 60s. High-waisted bikini bottoms are generally all good at slimming the stomach area a bit, but many bottoms in this style are specifically engineered to serve as tummy control swimsuits. This style of swimsuit helps us to feel comfortable and confident on the beach, allowing us to enjoy ourselves and relax to the max!

Go For a Linen Coverup

Linen is our absolute favorite fabric for summer. It’s lighter than air, breathable, and looks wonderful on. Slipping on a linen shirt or dress magically lifts a layer of stress, making us feel like we’re walking on a cloud. We particularly love linen when it’s time to hit the beach, and are eager to show off our swimsuit cover-ups all summer long. A linen cover-up is the perfect staple of any beachwear outfit. We can wear it over our bathing suits as we load up our beach bags and head to the shore, keeping it on or taking it off once we get there. Its lightweight fabric feels like we’re wearing nothing at all, but still protects us from the wind and the sun as we enjoy the sand and the waves. It’s also a great option to wear all day, after the beach, or simply for a day out in the sun. It can be dressed up with some statement jewelry and a nice pair of sandals or heels, as well, making it ready to wear to a family event, date night or dinner out.

Stick with Your Favorite Jean Shorts

There are a few days when you won’t find us romping around in our jean shorts once summer hits. The perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style, jean shorts are an excellent pick for a casual day at the park, an easygoing bike ride, or of course, a day at the beach. On our way there, we like to throw on a pair of jean shorts over our one-piece bathing suits for the cutest beach-ready outfit imaginable, that’s also great to wear running errands or doing just about anything. Once the sun starts to set, shake the sand off your towel and throw on your jean shorts as you head back home to shower and enjoy a nice post-beach dinner.

Beachwear is what you make it, so bring your personality to every aspect of it, from your bathing suit, to your cover-up, to your personalized beach towel! Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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