Tips On How to Dress for An Office Christmas Party

Tips on How to Dress for an Office Christmas Party

The holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year. From snowy sidewalks to festive storefronts, there’s no shortage of reasons to enjoy the season. Along with celebrations among family and friends, this time of year also brings a multitude of office Christmas parties. While these parties can be a great way to celebrate the season with your coworkers, they also bring up the difficult task of deciding what to wear. This is a notorious predicament because of that tricky crossover between your work and social life, but we’re here to help you figure it out!


For ladies who are planning to attend office Christmas parties this year, deciding what you’ll wear can be nerve-wracking. Depending on what your day-to-day work attire is, you might be expected to dress up a bit more than usual while also keeping in mind that you’re at a work-sponsored function.

For a casual work holiday party

If you’re going casual, feel free to wear something similar or more fun than you do at your office. A pair of comfortable jeans might be appropriate in some situations, but if it’s a night event, make sure they are a dark or black wash. If you’re going with a more casual bottom, select a top that’s a little dressy. It could be an elegant fabric like silk or satin or a women’s tunic top or beautiful cashmere sweater.

For a work cocktail party

For a cocktail party, you should certainly err more on the side of formal versus fun. While you want to make a professional impression on your coworkers, you can still select an outfit that shows more of your personal style than you would normally present at work. This is the perfect occasion for a fit and flare dress or a LBD and pair it with a stylish shoe as well as a wrap or blazer if the weather is chilly. Close-toed shoes would be appropriate at this type of gathering, especially if it’s cooler outside. Not sure what to do for an exceptionally cold location? The same rules apply, but you should look to pair your outfit with a dark-colored jacket or women's wool coat. Because you likely won’t be wearing it the entire night you might be able to choose something a bit more fun here, like a knee-length leopard printed faux fur coat or a sleek leather jacket.

For a black tie work event

If your holiday party calls for black-tie attire, it’s crucial that you follow that dress code request to the letter. While in a more social situation you might have some leeway, a company party is not at all the time to test those limits. Plan on wearing a full-length gown in a dark color, possibly with a small aspect of your personality included. That might be a discrete pattern, a flattering neckline, or a bold statement necklace if it suits your dress style. For footwear at a black-tie event, you should wear a shoe with at least a small heel and perhaps an open toe if it’s weather appropriate.


For a casual work holiday party

For a casual or informal after-work holiday party, you might get by with wearing the same clothes that you do to work. If that’s the case, go for a well-tailored pair of dark jeans paired with a nice men's sweater in a neutral or dark color. If weather permits, add a tasteful accessory that your coworkers don’t normally see from you, like a patterned scarf or a wristwatch.

For a work cocktail party

If you’re attending a company cocktail party this holiday season, you’ll be expected to dress up more than you would on an average day. Go for a classic pair of dress pants in a dark color like navy or black alongside a long-sleeved dress shirt. You don’t have to go too formal with your shirt for this type of party, but do make sure that it’s not too casual in either the color or print.

For a black tie work event 

Invited to a black-tie company holiday party? Get ready to strut your stuff in a classy and cool tuxedo! There’s really no getting around this one, as a black-tie dress code essentially says this is your only option. Make sure your look features a clean, crisp men's dress shirt and dark shoes in patent leather, if at all possible. If you want to include some of your own style at a black-tie Christmas party, you might consider wearing a French cuff shirt and pairing it with a set of cuff links that display a classic design like a monogram or perhaps something fun like your favorite team’s logo.

For both men and women attending office Christmas parties, expressing your own personality while also staying professional, will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident so you can focus on enjoying your work party. Depending on what type of work Christmas party you are attending and the suggested dress code, you are sure to find an outfit that suits both your personal and professional side.


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