Tips on Decorating Your Home for Fall 2021

Tips on Decorating Your Home for Fall 2021

Fall is that magical time of the year where we swap lightness and breeziness for warmth and coziness. You don't need to be a professional designer or crafter to decorate your house for this much-loved transition season. With a few flashes of inspiration and some creative flair, you can have your home looking perfectly autumnal with a few simple touches. Fall décor is also a great way to manage all those end-of-summer feels by getting excited for the next beautiful season around the corner.

Pumpkins and Winter Squash

We all know that fall means pumpkin everything—pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, Jack O'Lanterns, pumpkin soup, pumpkin patches, and just about anything else you can do with a pumpkin. Beautiful to look at and available in many shapes, textures, and colors, pumpkins and winter squash aren't just delicious to eat but also make fall-tastic home décor pieces for the fall.

Jump on this classic and earthy fall décor trend by integrating pumpkin décor into your home for the season. Throw on a flannel shirt and head over to the local farm stand or farmers' market to pick up a few. Plus, this type of squash also tends to store very well due to their thick skins, so don't hesitate to cut them up and make a pie—just in time for Thanksgiving.

Also, consider other ways to integrate pumpkin paraphernalia into your décor. For example, pumpkin-shaped bowls, pumpkin prints, and faux pumpkin table centerpieces can also help get your home ready for fall.

Fall Foliage and Flowers

Another dimension of the back-to-nature and cottagecore trend is to decorate your home with fall foliage and flowers. We love fall foliage and arrangements because they are always filled with warm colors and cozy textures. A fun crafty activity to do with kids that will give you the chance to add some fall décor to your home is to take them on a foliage hike. If your area has some colorful and changing foliage, take the family and a canvas tote bag to collect fallen colorful leaves along the way. Then, press the leaves, make wreaths, or arrange them in a bowl or small vase to show them off. As with pumpkins, if you don't want to deal with the real thing, imitations or paper cuttings are another way to add seasonal foliage to your home.

Or opt to pick up a few seasonal floral arrangements to bring the colors and textures of fall into your home. If you have a green thumb or love house plants, head to your local gardening center to get some asters or chrysanthemums to plant in your garden or add to your porch or interior décor. Also, dried flower arrangements bring the crispness and muted earth tones of fall into your home. They also tend to last for months, meaning you can enjoy their beautiful and autumnal vibes up until it's time to bring in the Christmas decorations.

Swap Throw Blankets

Throw blankets and throw pillows can also add a lot to a space in terms of décor. While balmy summer months have us packing our living spaces with white linen throw pillows and gauzy cotton throw blankets, fall begs a little more coziness. So swap creams, whites, and beiges for earth tones, muted hues, and darker colors. And swap lightweight cotton throw blankets for more wooly and heavy ones. We love the look of farmhouse-chic Scottish-style plaid woolen throw blankets for that perfect fall look.


Just like your throw pillows and blankets, use fall as an opportunity to change up your bedding. While linens and bedding are, of course, practical, they can also become a central part of your autumn home décor. Swap out lightweight cotton and linen for heavier-weighted bed sheets. Also, depending on where you live, it may not be too early to bring out the flannel sheets and duvet blankets. When shopping, consider prints such as vintage florals or fall colors for your bedrooms and beds so that you can even feel like your bed is fall-ready.

Switch up Color Palettes

Fall colors are part of what makes fall so memorable. Put away the pastels, whites, and blues of summer and make way for the reds, oranges, and earth tones of fall. Even something as simple as switching up color palettes in your home can help you get in the fall mood. Choose a few fall-inspired linens, tablecloths, napkins, and even crockery to match your indoors to the seasonal change of color happening outside. These simple adjustments will pack a punch without needing to get crafty or go shopping.

Fall is one of the most exciting and heartwarming seasons to decorate for. Try some of these tips for decorating your home in 2021 for something more simple, down-to-earth, and DIY without compromising on style or aesthetic.

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