Mixing and Matching: Tips for Creating Versatile Summer Outfits

Mixing and Matching: Tips for Creating Versatile Summer Outfits

Summertime brings so much to love! It’s the best time of year for family vacations, outdoor adventures, splashing around in the water, and sitting back to relax. As the temperatures rise and the sunny days roll in, it’s also the best time to get fun and fresh with your outfits. From the sand and the surf to backyard BBQs, long, scorching workdays, and everything in between, you’ll want summer outfits that keep you cool and comfortable all season long. This means versatile warm-weather dresses, shorts, summer tops, and other favorite summer pieces! A great summer wardrobe is wearable, comfortable, and versatile—without sacrificing style.

This summer, go bold with your mixing and matching! Take your outfit versatility and creativity to the next level by pairing pieces you might not have before—summer is the time! From prints and patterns to colors, fabrics, and materials that promote wearability, you can mix and match your wardrobe for the hottest (and coolest) looks of the summer! No matter where the season takes you, soak up the sun with these tips for the best summer outfits.

Keep It Light and Breezy

Summer is the hottest time of the year, so you’ll need staples that are breathable and comfortable for the most brutally hot temperatures. For boosted comfort and wearability on even the hottest summer days, choose fabrics and materials that let you breathe. It might get sweaty out there, and it’s important to wear fabrics that work with your body to stay cool instead of trapping heat in or messing up your system’s natural temperature regulation.

Cottons, chambrays, and linens are great for summer since they can help your body stay cool and regulated. Plus, they come in so many colors and styles you won’t have any trouble mixing and matching them into your wardrobe! Pair chambray shirts with shorts or capris for a stylish summer outfit you can wear all day without it wearing on you. If you want to assemble a seasonal capsule wardrobe, these materials are the key to your summer outfit success.

Florals and Prints

Summer is fun, exciting, and fresh, so why shouldn’t your summer outfits be too? When you’re mixing and matching, don’t be afraid to get creative and go bold with your prints! Bright florals and thick stripes are two clashing patterns that can work really well together for a statement ensemble. Polka dots, plaids, and even tie-dyes can all be paired to create whimsical summer outfits! And the options are limitless. There are prints and pattern styles for every taste and personal style—you’re sure to find something that’s right for you!

Not sure where to start? Get creative with the prints and patterns you already have in your closet. Pair your favorite floral prints (think Hawaiian shirts and board shorts) in different prints and colors! Pair patterned Bermuda shorts with your favorite printed oversized tunic tops or tee-shirts! This is a great chance to get new, exciting looks from the staples you already own! Pull from your favorite summer wardrobe and pair loud prints and patterns for a look that’s cute, casual, and perfect for the season. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Your style is just that—yours, so pick the patterns and print combinations that feel right for you. Then rock them all summer long.

Get Colorful: Take a Tip From the Greenery and Natural Beauty

When we think summer, we think bright—sunny yellows, vibrant greens, and ocean blues! When picking summer color palettes, mimic mother nature. Spring and summer are the seasons for growth: When flowers bloom and lush foliage thrives. Take these natural beauties and use them as inspiration for your summer colors! How about the pink and purple shades of a summer sunset? Or green cotton dresses that match the ocean on a bright day! These colors for shorts, tops, and other staples will be perfect for whatever your summer outings entail.

Stay Cool in Light Colors and Stylish Summer Accessories

There’s a reason the sun is often described as “beating down.” It gets brutal out there on the hottest days! Lighter shades are best for hot, sunny days when you’ll be outside in direct sunlight. Dark colors attract and absorb more heat and direct sunlight, so black, brown, or dark blue won’t do you any favors in staying cool. Light greens, pinks, yellows, and blues will instead keep you looking and feeling great, even in direct sun exposure!

For really hot days, you can add your favorite women’s hats to stay extra cool and keep the sun out of your eyes! Baseball hats, beach hats, bucket hats, straw hats—the options are just as endless as they are with prints and colors. Dress as vibrant and colorfully as you want this summer, just remember to work with naturally sun-resistant shades that’ll keep you comfy and cool on every hot day. Pair your favorite sun hat with your go-to shades and some crucial SPF for the ultimate beach look, on and off the sand.

No matter where your summer takes you, go in style, without sacrificing comfort. With these fun and fresh tips, you’ll have your best and most versatile looks that will last all season long. So get out there and soak up the sun! Summer will be over before you know it.


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