How to Throw a Virtual Holiday Party

How to Throw a Virtual Holiday Party

The holiday season is all about spreading joy. The good news is that you can do that no matter where you are, even without leaving your living room. It's not always easy to gather the whole family to mark the holiday season, so consider hosting a virtual party instead. A virtual party allows everyone to get together without the stress of traveling or extensive planning, and it doesn't have to be any less special than gathering together in person. Here's how to host the best holiday party ever with just an internet connection and a touch of creativity. 

Inspired Invitations

The first step to hosting a fabulously festive holiday party is to set up a virtual conference call. You can set the tone for the whole party at the invitation stage! Instead of just sending out the video link, treat it like you would an in-person party. Make a virtual invite you can send via email or text and include the link to your virtual hangout. The invite should be reflective of the party, so if it's a family affair, try sending the link along with your family's holiday photo. Or if it's a gathering for close friends, create a virtual invite that includes glitter and the clinking champagne emoji. Getting creative with your invitation will be sure to get everyone in the spirit to celebrate!

Pro Tip: Make sure you choose a virtual setting that doesn't have a time limit to avoid having the party cut short!

Dress the Part(y)

Just like you would if you were hosting at home, it's essential to have a perfect party look put together before you greet your guests online. If your virtual party is more casual, you may want to line up your favorite Christmas sweaters to choose from.

If you're going for a more formal vibe, reach for a cashmere turtleneck sweater that you can pair with a bold chunky necklace (picture glittering gold or classic pearl) and a red lip. For a fun twist on a virtual gathering, you can even encourage your guests to go for black tie, which also gives you the perfect excuse to pull your favorite floor-length number from the back of your closet.

Family Festive

It'll be important to spread the joy not just to your virtual guests, but at home as well. You can get the entire family ready to party by getting ready together. Start the morning with a fun family breakfast in matching Christmas pajamas or around a crafts activity for the party. Lay out the materials to make popcorn garlands, gold gelt garlands, or paper snowflakes that you can show off during the virtual event. This will get everyone in the house feeling festive and ready to greet your virtual guests with a smile. 

Seasonal Snacks

We all know that one of the best parts of the holiday season is the food! Just as you would prep treats for your guests for a party at your home, you should head into your virtual party with the same gusto. Before your event, share a recipe for holiday cookies or a crowd-pleasing hors d’oeuvre that party attendees can all try making the day of the party.

That way, you can all share the experience of biting into the same treats, even if you're across the country rather than across the room. Plus, if everyone also has their preferred beverage handy (egg nog, anyone?), the sensory experience of eating and drinking during the virtual party will ensure everyone will want to stay on for as long as possible rather than itching to sign off due to a grumbling stomach.

Holiday Homey

You'd likely spend the day leading up to a holiday party prepping the house. A well-decorated house helps to foster a festive mood, and the same is true for a virtual holiday shindig. Choose a space in your house that has the best Wi-Fi connection that you can also deck out to further enhance the vibe of your party. 

You'll have your DIY decorations, of course, but you can step it up by adding Christmas wreaths as the backdrop to your call. If you're in the living room, get a festive fire going in the background, and hang a row of personalized Christmas stockings that your virtual guests will definitely appreciate. Of course, this tip works just as well with that new menorah on the mantelpiece or a pom-pom garland in an array of vibrant colors. 

These are just a few tips for how you can throw the best virtual holiday party ever. No matter where you are this holiday season, and no matter where your loved ones are, you'll have a memory to cherish — just don't forget to take some screenshots to send out afterward!


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