Three Ways To Give Your Bedroom a Boho Makeover

Three Ways To Give Your Bedroom a Boho Makeover

Our bedrooms should be our safe havens—tranquil escapes that reflect our personal styles all while making us feel comfy and content. If you feel that your bedroom has become cluttered or no longer reflects your tastes and style preferences, then it could be time to give your bedroom a makeover. And when it comes to making over a room, having a vision in mind is key.

Sticking to a boho, or bohemian, aesthetic can be an ideal way to imbue your space with all the right vibes. While you might hear boho and immediately think of ‘70s-style beaded curtains and scarves draped dangerously over lampshades, the boho aesthetic has taken quite a chic turn in recent years. This décor style is all about blending light earthy tones with some pops of color, mixing textures and materials, getting down to the details, stocking up on as many plants as possible, and creating an artsy space aesthetically pleasing, calm, and comfy.

The good news is that achieving a boho look in your bedroom can be easy. Read on for three tips that’ll make giving your room a bohemian flair all that more achievable.

Boho Up Your Bed

Your bed should be your ultimate chill zone, which is especially true for boho décor. Since beds are often the largest items in our rooms and thus the focal point, our first tip for giving your room a boho makeover is all about your bedding. To give your bed a boho touch, start with a linen sheet set. For your sheets, opt for a lived-in blue like chambray, an earthy, subtle green, or neutral tones like beige or off-white. The linen texture fits with the earthy boho aesthetic and is also super comfy, so that makes these a win-win.

Next, you’ll want to think about your duvet cover. A boho duvet cover should add some texture to your bed and create an inviting feel. Go with an earth-toned color that complements your sheets or a print that features a color that goes well with your sheets and the rest of the room. Prints that work with the boho vibe are floral, subtle paisley, or a medallion print. Some colors to consider aside from your basic earthy tones could be burnt or orange, marigold yellow, or teal.

The key to giving your bed a boho touch doesn’t stop at the sheets and duvet cover. A boho bed will feature lots of textures and layers, so be sure to add some inviting throw pillows and throw blankets. Bonus points if you can find throw pillows and blankets with textured patterns or added touches like tassels or pom-poms. Be sure to stick with throws that work with the color scheme you have going with the rest of your bedding, but also don’t be afraid to play around with shades. Bohemian décor is all about expressing your personal style, after all!

Play Around With Plants

The next step in giving your bedroom a boho makeover is all about houseplants. Houseplants are truly having their moment, and if you’re not already in the game, it’s definitely the right time to dive in.

Install some ceiling hooks and hang some macramé planters. The easiest houseplant option for your hanging macramé planter will definitely be in the pathos family since these are fairly low maintenance and don’t require a ton of light.

Next, get a standing planter in rattan, earth-toned ceramic, or spun metal. A snake plant or a monstera will look great in your standing planter. And the plants don’t stop there! Install some reclaimed wood or rattan floating shelves, and add smaller houseplants next to other boho touches like dried flowers, small decorative vases, a vintage mirror, and perhaps some floral or citrus-scented candles—one quick safety note when turning your bedroom into a jungle. If you have pets, read up on what plants might be toxic to them prior to purchasing your greenery. Cats, in particular, tend to jump up, dig around, and chew where they’re not supposed to!

Make a Statement With Your Storage

When it comes to thinking about bringing a bohemian vibe to your bedroom, the details definitely matter, even down to how you organize your space.

While a bohemian room will showcase anything you’ve picked up on trips near or far or other personal touches that make the room feel warm and inviting, there are also some items you’ll want to keep stored away. Rather than using plastic storage bins, opt for wicker, rattan, or seagrass baskets. You can keep these storage baskets on bookshelves or even in the corners of your room since these materials and textures are aligned with the boho vibe.

The same goes for your laundry hamper. Opt for a seagrass or cotton rope basket for your laundry needs, or even keep one by the bed for extra throw pillows.

With your bedding, plant game, and storage options aligned with the bohemian style, you’ll be smooth sailing into the aesthetics of your dreams. We hope these makeover tips help you on your journey to a refreshed bedroom space!


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