Thoughtful Gifts for the Service People in Your Life

Thoughtful Gifts for the Service People in Your Life

You’re surrounded by helpful people. They’re the ones you rely on for all sorts of things, and without them life would be infinitely more challenging. While they deserve your gratitude year-round, the holiday season offers you a great opportunity to treat them to something special. Whether it’s the babysitter, the gardener, the cook, the trainer, or someone else who goes the extra mile to handle various areas of your life for you, they deserve a little extra love.

But what to give? You have options across the board. The perfect holiday gift ideas include a little bit of everything for everyone on your list. Even those who are significantly trickier to shop for won’t be able to resist these thoughtful surprises. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you start shopping for the helpers in your life.

Personalized Bags

Whether it’s a canvas tote bag, a backpack, or a weekender, you have plenty of great options when it comes to selecting the right bag. Think of the person’s needs. Your teenage babysitter, for example, might benefit from a roomy backpack to take to class and bring over when caring for your children.

Personal trainers might love a new duffel bag personalized with their initials or name. A monogrammed tote is a great option for your child’s teacher, while a laptop bag might be a thoughtful choice for the computer repair tech who’s always rescuing you or the person who helps keep your work-from-home business running smoothly.

Tasty Treats

When in doubt, consider giving the gift of something sweet or savory. The holiday season is a wonderful time to show off your baking skills if you happen to be so inclined. But even if you aren’t known for whipping up the best chocolate chip cookies in town, you have other options. As you browse through Christmas kitchen and dining options, choose a little something packaged in an attractive tin or box that’s ready for gifting.

Chocolates, caramels, toffees, and other mouth-watering options are all perfect for giving to nearly anyone on your list. If you aren’t sure or want to offer something that’s a little more varied, a mixed tin of both sweet and salty treats — think nuts and candies — is a great choice that ticks all the boxes.

Pet Favors

Pet parents always appreciate great gifts for their fur babies. It shows an extra level of thoughtfulness and care, and they love the feeling of treating their loyal companions to gifts they truly deserve. If you know that the helper in your life is the proud owner of a canine, why not give something that’s both festive and appropriate?

A dog winter jacket, for example, offers everything a pet parent could possibly want for the little pet that’s always a little bit chilly. You can even have it personalized for an extra-special finishing touch. A cute bandanna, a Christmas stocking embroidered with the pup’s name, or even a plush dog bed are also options you might consider.

Cozy Sweats

Clothing is more of a personal item that you might give to someone you know especially well. If you’re close to the helpers in your life, be it your personal trainer, your live-in nanny, your cook, or your babysitters, keep comfy attire high on your list. Think in terms of easy, low-key, relaxed clothes they can wear throughout the season.

A workout enthusiast will love comfy sweats that they can wear whether they’re pounding the pavement or hanging at home. Sweatshirts and hoodies are usually easier to select than pants, unless you specifically know the size to get.

Christmas Accents

Of course, giving the gift of the holiday spirit is always a thoughtful gesture — and one that the helpers in your life are sure to appreciate. When else can you surprise someone with a beautiful poinsettia or a pretty ornament for the tree? The added advantage is that it’s sure to put you in a more festive frame of mind, too. What’s on the gift list? You’ve got so many options, whether it’s a stocking personalized with the person’s name or a cozy blanket so that busy service provider can relax and enjoy some much-needed downtime at the end of the day.

Consider your relationship with the person when making your decision. Some items, such as Christmas bedding, are more on the personal side. Reserve these for the service people with whom you share a particularly close bond. For others who play special roles in your life, consider making their day brighter and their season more memorable with something that they can use throughout the holidays. A wreath makes a beautiful gift choice, and an ornament is a welcome addition to their tree.

No matter what you give, what matters most is the sentiment behind it. You’ll love treating the people who do so much for you year-round — and you can be sure they’ll appreciate your gesture, too.


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