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5 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

Dad deserves only the very best. While that’s a year-round sentiment, Father’s Day allows you to splash out and give him something that he truly covets. Even if you don’t know exactly what he may want this year, you can be certain that giving him a repeat of the previous years’ gifts isn’t what you want. So what’s on the list? Here are five fun and thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas that he’s sure to appreciate.

An Easy Top

You’ve probably personally stocked his entire collection of neckties. You may have gifted him more wallets than he needs. And cologne? Yep, he’s still working on the bottle you gave him two years ago. If you tend to shy away from buying clothes, you don’t have to dismiss the possibility entirely. The idea is to stick with tried-and-true basics that you just know he’ll enjoy wearing. One easy candidate? The classic men’s polo shirt.

This is an effortless garment that doesn’t require too much guesswork where issues like size and style are concerned. If you really have no frame of reference, however, you can always casually work it into a conversation or even just ask him what he wants. You’ll find polos in every color of the rainbow, along with a variety of patterns. The best part is that he can wear them during practically any activity, whether he’s mowing the lawn, working from home, or playing golf.

A Beach Towel

If he’s all about spending time outside and soaking up the sunshine, then you’ve got a few built-in gift ideas right there! You could prepare a thoughtful gift basket with sunscreen (absolutely essential!), along with a pair of sunglasses and a personalized beach towel.

Look for fun patterns in his favorite colors to put an additional personalized spin on the gift. Adding his initials is especially thoughtful – it’s an easy way to send a message that you’re thinking about him, and he’ll think of you every time he uses it! If he’s not into the brightest and boldest colors, you can opt for a simple velour towel with a light patterned border, or a completely solid shade instead.

A Cozy Robe

What’s something that he definitely needs, either in the morning when he’s sipping his piping hot coffee or during fall and winter when it gets colder? A cozy robe, of course. There are a few different styles to keep in mind, but they’re all destined to keep him warm and comfortable when he needs that extra layer the most.

A Turkish terry robe is a great choice that he can wear after he showers. It’s available in a variety of colors and features practical details like spacious side pockets and self-tie belts so he can adjust the fit to his comfort level. Men’s flannel robes are great for cold-weather wear. They’re stylish, timeless, and can be personalized with his initials for a thoughtful finishing touch.

A Doormat

If he’s particularly obsessed with maintaining his home’s curb appeal, he knows that he can’t afford to leave anything to chance. That includes everything from the paint to the landscaping to the mailbox. Also in the mix: a high-quality doormat that adds a little homey, comforting touch to the outdoor space. While a standard mat is always an acceptable choice, you can take it a step further and honor his appreciation for outdoor living with something a little more tailored to his style preferences.

A personalized doormat offers a stylish and unexpected alternative to the standard. Take your pick from dozens of colors, including versatile neutrals that complement any home style and more colorful styles that add a little pop to the doorstep. Add his initials or the family name to the design and he’ll be delighted.

A Luxe Sweater

A little luxury is always welcome, even if he didn’t realize he needed it. He may not run out and buy that ultra-soft and touchable men’s cashmere sweater on his own, but your own sense of style coupled with your understanding of what makes the plush material so phenomenal gives you reason enough to splurge.

It’s not quite a warm-weather companion, but he can wear a cashmere sweater throughout fall, under a coat during winter, and even on cooler spring days. It’s the type of versatile garment that looks great with everything in his closet, from his rugged jeans to his pressed chinos to his corporate work pants. He’ll love the way it fits seamlessly into his wardrobe, and you’ll love that he’ll wear it so frequently!

The Perfect Gifts

What really constitutes the “perfect” Father’s Day gift? It’s something that comes from the heart. If you know he’ll enjoy it, it doesn’t matter what it is – so long as you put thought and effort into it, he’s sure to treasure it.

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