This Season's Best Christmas Apparel for Boys

This Season's Best Christmas Apparel for Boys

This holiday season, when toting the kids back-and-forth to Christmas parties and other social engagements, you'll be grateful for a simple winter wardrobe made especially for boys. With looks that can go from casual to formal, you'll feel a whole lot less worried knowing that for any party, gathering, or holiday festivity, he'll always look polished and put together.

When it comes time for the holidays, kids love dressing up—and for many adults, seeing kids excited for Santa is the highlight! With a mix of boys' jeans, Christmas sweaters, preppy polos, and the perfect outerwear, your boys will always look like little fashionistas for family photos and lifelong holiday memories. Here's a list of the best Christmas apparel for boys this holiday season.

Boys' Jeans

We begin with the number one holiday staple. Boys' jeans can go from casual affairs to formal engagements with very few tweaks. And if you invest in a good pair of dark-wash jeans, chances are they will last you all season—and maybe even longer. For a polished look, choose jeans without any distressing or holes, and a dark wash so they can transition easily and be paired with everything from polos and button-downs to casual graphic tees. Boys' jeans are perfect for the holidays and for the winter season as they stand up to colder temperatures. Additionally, for extreme cold weather, you can add an extra layer of warmth with fleece- or flannel-lined jeans that are ultra-soft and lock in a layer of warmth while not looking bulky or thick.

Pair boys' jeans with a plaid long-sleeve button-down shirt, cozy cable-knit sweater, or even a long-sleeve graphic tee for looks that can transition from casual errands to evening social gatherings throughout the holiday season.

Boys' Sweaters

This Christmas, don't fall short on sweater game with lame, old sweaters. Now, boys can look extra charming in fitted sweaters ranging from long-sleeve patterned print sweaters to classic cable-knit sweaters in festive colors like red, green and cream. Boys' sweaters can be worn alone or layered with plaid button-down shirts underneath for an extra polished look perfect for the holidays. Boys' sweaters are perfect for layering underneath outerwear like boys' winter coats. They are easy and versatile, allowing kids to take off any unwanted layers as they go from the cold outdoors to warm indoors. Additionally, these sweaters come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs that are great for the holidays and suitable for any personality. You'll love the extra protection and warmth in the cold winter weather, and they'll love the cool-kid style as they become the life of the party over the holidays.

Looking for an added festive streak? Don't forget boys' Christmas sweaters. These are much more "in the spirit" of things with embellishments and stitching reminiscent of the holiday season. You can wear these sweaters just as you would any other winter sweater; however, it's harder to pull these off year-round. We love them as a holiday staple piece, though, as they always draw a few smiles.

Boys' Polos

Cue the perfect top for meeting and greeting with family members. Boy's polo shirts are the perfect polished look for when you are looking for something that always looks sophisticated. Better yet, there's no struggle for you to get them on and off. Like a simple T-shirt, these collared tops can be found in long sleeves or short sleeves. We also love the rugby-style look of long sleeves and stripes. You can pair boys' polos with sweaters for a layered look that can easily be dressed down for any temperature changes throughout the holiday season. Grandparents will love the classic style and fit of boys' polos, and boys will love their cool-kid look for the holiday season—prepster meets trouble-maker!

Coats for Boys

When it comes to the holidays, one thing is certain: the temperature is dropping. When it does, be prepared with stylish coats that exude the festive holiday spirit. With so many styles for boys, you can layer up underneath extreme-weather coats filled with lofty down or down-alternative insulation. Or, opt for something more lightweight and less bulky like ThermoPlume®, a synthetic insulation that locks in warmth. Available in styles from parkas to expedition coats, coats for boys are quite versatile and can be easily adapted with hoods or gloves to suit your conditions. Layer up your coats with flannel button-downs, long-sleeve polos and festive holiday sweaters.

Boys' Snow Boots

Now, let's not forget about the hopeful snow days. While you may be dreading shoveling snow, chances are they're begging for those fluffy, white flakes for sleigh rides, snowball fights, and a day off from school. When that day comes, be fully prepared with boys' snow boots made to withstand the elements. Unlike traditional boots, snow boots are made with rubber soles that grip the slippery ground and prevent falls. They also have long sleeves for legs that are fully enclosed and lock out any unwanted moisture and icy temperatures. Boys' snow boots don't have to be big or bulky anymore either. Now, you can choose from colors and styles with added features like reflective details and piping to make boots really stand out among the rest. That's what we call snow days in style.

From sweaters to coats and snow boots, there are so many winter wardrobe staples to choose from. But, with these within reach, you're sure to have a much less stressful holiday season.


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