Think Big: Travel Inspirations for Summer 2023

Think Big: Travel Inspirations for Summer 2023

If you have been dreaming of summer travel over the winter, you aren’t alone. Let’s look at a few destinations you’ll want to consider for unforgettable summer adventures this year.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland offers incredible vacation adventures — from whale and dolphin watching from the waters of Hauraki Gulf Marine Park to touring the Hobbiton movie set, home to The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit Trilogies. Amenities, including new hotels and improved flight connectivity, add to the comfort and convenience for travelers.

A summer trip for those of us in the U.S. is a winter trip to New Zealand. The weather is mild, but you’ll want to have a women’s fleece jacket handy for sight-seeing. Especially if you are leaving a hot climate, Auckland can be a treat during the summer months. Put long pants and good walking shoes on your packing list, too.

Central California Coast

California wine country offers a great summer vacation destination. In the northern San Francisco Bay Area, a premier wine-growing region, you can find not only famed wineries with tours but also Michelin-star restaurants, luxury hotels, spas (both day spas and longer-stay spas), and historic architecture. If you haven’t visited the redwood forests (or haven’t seen them lately), you are missing out. The scenery alone is worth the trip!

Northern California is known for warm, dry summers that are delightful. Although women’s shorts and T-shirts are great for casual events during the day, you will want to bring a light wrap for the evening. Smart casual tends to be the rule in California restaurants and wineries. But when in doubt, ask about dress codes. Linen pants outfits and maxi dresses can be great choices.


If Egypt has been on your bucket list for a few years, why not make 2023 the year you get there? This destination that dates to the pharaohs is chock full of incredible scenery and history. You can visit the millennia-old monuments along the Nile River Valley, including the pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Karnak Temple, and the Valley of the King’s tombs. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is incredible. If you prefer a guided vacation experience, consider signing up for a tour of Egypt. Solo travelers, couples, and groups can all enjoy the convenience of knowledgeable guides and new people to meet along the way.

Women’s walking shorts, a T-shirt, good walking shoes, and a women’s hat to protect you from the sun are sight-seeing must-haves. Most people in Egypt dress a bit more conservatively than some of us in the U.S. do, so plan on keeping your shoulders covered and always check specific locations and events for dress codes if you have a question.


As an East African nation along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Kenya is known for its gorgeous savannah, Great Rift Valley, and lake lands. If you have ever wanted to go on a photography safari, you can see lions, elephants, and rhinoceroses. Amboseli National Park offers views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kenya is also known for its great food, sizzling nightlife, and fantastic safari lodges.

Kenya is another conservative destination, so plan on lightweight clothing for the weather, but keep it loose fitting and keep your shoulders and legs above the knees covered. That will still give you great options, including women’s long shorts, T-shirts, and walking sandals or sneakers for sight-seeing. Go for a conservative summer dress for dinner out.

Paris, France

If you haven’t been to Paris (or haven’t been there in a while), why not make it your 2023 bucket list destination? As a global center for art, fashion, history, and incredible cuisine, Paris is unparalleled. From the gorgeous 19th-century cityscape to the Louvre to designer boutiques and sidewalk cafes, there is just no place like Paris.

Paris is delightfully fashionable, so you will want to avoid your most casual tourist clothing. Opt for dark-wash women’s jeans over light-wash, long chinos, or capris over shorts, and neat looking solid-colored T-shirts or blouses over graphic T-shirts. When it comes to footwear, choose a pair that can handle the miles, but look a bit sleeker: a nice pair of walking sandals over flip-flops and solid walking shoes over sneakers. Lightweight skirts are also a great option as they can be both cool and look a bit dressier than some pants. If you have specific sites that you want to visit, be sure to check to see if they have a dress code. If you plan to visit historical religious sites, for example, they often require skirts that are at least knee length and conservative tops.

Why not get out of that bucket list of vacation destinations and check one off this summer? You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime!


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