What to Look for in a Plus Size Winter Coat or Jacket

What to Look for in a Plus Size Winter Coat or Jacket

When temperatures dip as low as they can go, your winter jacket may be the only thing you get to show off. You might be wondering, what to look for in a winter jacket, though. You want it to look great, but also keep you warm and dry. There are so many different types, brands, and features to each jacket, and that can be overwhelming. However, you want to have the best fit for you, without sacrificing features you love. This is why investing in smashing outerwear is worth it. Looking good while braving the cold simply makes the colder months better. Also, here is some great news—our winter jackets are designed to celebrate your body and make a stunning impression. Check out these women's plus-size winter coats that will complete your outfit and make you feel confident while braving the cold.

Function and Style

Settling for a winter coat that doesn't keep you warm is a recipe for unhappiness. Don't trade comfort for style! A great jacket will, first of all, do its job: keep you feeling toasty and warm. However, we also hope that you pick a coat that makes you love your reflection. Our coats are carefully made to perform their basic function first; then, we add great style on top of great structure. So, if you are looking for the warmest winter coats that will make you swoon, then you have come to the right place.

A Flattering Fit

Say goodbye to the idea that a functional coat will make you look like a walking bed comforter. At Lands' End, we can find you the right fit that suits your personality and body type. We offer many styles of coats because we want to flatter every body type! No one deserves to be relegated to one-size-fits-all. What makes a person with a pear-shaped body feel confident may not be the same coat that suits an apple-shaped body. Here are a few suggestions for different body types, but remember that it really matter how you feel when you are wearing a jacket. So, this might not apply to you and your body type.

Whether you are tall, short, have an hourglass figure, or need a peacoat to bring out your best features, we have a diverse inventory to help you find the perfect match, and again, it’s more about how you feel than your body type.

The Right Length

If you're tall, then you know that an article of clothing that looks great on you will not look the same on someone who is 5'3." Winter wear is no exception. By selecting one of our tall women's coats, you'll get the right cut, fit, and length to compliment your tall frame and keep you covered when blustery winds come your way. We also have regular-length coats and petite sizes to celebrate women of every vertical territory! People do not often think of coats being able to protect your legs during the frigid winter, but this awesome hidden feature will make the plus-size long coat winter your new best friend.

High-Quality Materials

Nobody wants to buy a coat only to see it unravel by mid-January. This is why we are proud to tell you that all our coats are only made of top-notch materials. So, are you keen on having a casual fleece jacket that looks great for years to come? Whether you go with suede, sherpa fleece, wool, or another fabric, the material you choose is guaranteed to have great workmanship and quality.

Mobility and Convenience

Just because you have to take a coat everywhere doesn't mean you need to be hampered by its weight. Our plus-size packable down coats can keep you feeling cozy outdoors without weighing you down. They are easy to pack and take anywhere because they are ultralight and compress easily in your suitcase. You can also include packable jackets in purses, emergency kits, backpacks, and even your car. So, you’ll always have a coat on hand. Winter adventures await!

Dealing With In-Between Weather

Sometimes, the air is crisp and you need just an extra layer of warmth. We have just what you need to find that happy place between a coat and a long sleeve tee.

Our plus-size cardigans add an extra layer of warmth without making you sweat. One of our sweater fleece blazers is also perfect for the office or a girls' night out. During in-between seasons, these items can easily complement basic T-shirts or turtleneck sweaters.

Wind Protection

Our insulated jackets are your best friend in blustery weather. They keep out the chilly breeze and lock heat inside to keep you feeling just right. Our quilted barn coats with PrimaLoft® insulation are oh-so-perfect for outdoor adventures and match with practically anything.

If you desire a sleeker edge to your style, a plus-size insulated parka offers a more form-fitting look. It's also equipped with ThermoPlume® insulation, which works just as well as goose down but is a fully synthetic material.

Let it Rain, Snow, or Sleet—Who Cares—Because You're Ready!

Whether you're graced with sunny days or wintry rain, having a classic raincoat on hand will keep you dry, comfortable, and warm. If you want something that you can integrate with more daily wear, our variety of water-resistant coats offer protection with many different types of looks. For example, plus-sized cotton field jackets are fresh in our inventory and have a convenient waxed shell to keep you dry while the flannel half-lining keeps you warm.


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