How Can I Get Ready for Christmas Early in July?

Life moves quickly! Though it may seem like Christmas was just last month, in reality, months have passed since the last time jolly Saint Nick stopped by. Before you know it, he’ll be making his rounds again. So how can you avoid that last-minute rush, the scramble to check everything off your list, and make a merry Christmas for all of your loved ones? Take a moment to look over these quick tips for early Christmas prep success.

1. Make Your List (Check It Twice!)

It’s a good idea to start your holiday shopping by making a comprehensive list of people for whom you may want to purchase a gift. For the sake of organization, divide the gift recipients into categories. You may spend more or get larger holiday gifts for close family and friends, while smaller (but nice) gifts are sweet gestures for your child’s teacher, your hairdresser, or others who helped you throughout the year. If you’re not doing a gift exchange at work, giving your coworkers, small items can also be a thoughtful touch. When you’re not sure what to get someone, such as a cousin or acquaintance, gift cards always make a good choice. Whether your aunt wants matching Christmas pajamas, or your coworker would like a cute holiday sweater, with Lands’ End gift cards, you’re covered.

This step, while important, shouldn’t be seen as an inventory of your worldly connections. The connections you have with the people on your list are most important, not how many of them there are. The list is adaptable and should be updated as you gain or lose friends and coworkers.

2. Buy What You Can Early

Some gifts are entirely timeless, so it makes sense to buy them early. A Lands’ End needlepoint Christmas stocking, for example, is always thoughtful and appropriate. Your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtful and customized gift, and they’ll think of you every time they look at their stocking hanging on their mantel. The best part is that stockings are available all year so that you can stock up early! Why not get that stocking wrapped up and taken care of months ahead of time? You’ll be thanking yourself.

Keep an eye out for sales on high-quality items available all year, and stock up when you have a chance. This will help you avoid the Christmas rush and still be able to offer your loved ones incredible gifts. Items like non-seasonal home decor, rugs, kitchen items, throw blankets, decorative pillows, storage and organization items (think seagrass baskets and canvas storage bins), and much more are always in season and make excellent gifts.

3. Some Gifts Are Always in Season

Ok, so maybe you’re looking at holiday gifts, but what about all those other pesky gift-giving events? For example, maybe you’ve already gotten your sister-in-law a set of flannel sheets for Christmas, but then you realize she’s got a birthday in September! Fear not, just repurpose those sheets for her birthday (holiday-neutral wrapping paper comes in handy here). Of course, you can always pick up something else for her holiday gift—a coordinating set of monogrammed bath towels, perhaps—but you can rest assured you’ve got something in reserve for her.

4. Make It Personal

The best thing about all of our Lands’ End home products is that so many of them can be monogrammed. Want to turn those bath towels into something more special? Have them monogrammed with your friend or loved one’s name or initials! They’ll take one look at that monogram and revel in how thoughtful you are. Monogramming services are available all year and for just a small upcharge to your order.

Other top gift ideas to have monogrammed include items like ornaments, tote bags, hats, hoodies, jackets, pet items, bath rugs, and more. You may even want to consider getting a monogrammed item for the kids on your list, such as cute personalized kids' sleeping bags monogrammed with his or her initials.

5. Nab Stocking Stuffers at a Discount

You can prepare for Christmas by keeping an eye out for cool stocking stuffers all year. When you find something on sale that makes the perfect stocking stuffer, grab it and put it in a designated bin or storage area. When the holidays arrive, you’ll already have a container ready to go with all the stocking stuffers you need!

6. Prep Your Home for the Holidays in Advance

Gift-giving is a large part of the holiday celebrations, but it's not the only part. Alleviate stress and be prepared when Christmas rolls around by getting your home ready in advance as well. If you think you may be having guests around the holidays, think about sprucing up guest rooms with new sheets, pillows, and some cute decor touches. Stock up on essential kitchenware, such as roasting pans, casserole dishes, serving ware, aprons, or other items to make sure you’ll be prepared for all your holiday meals and baking sessions. Take stock of your existing Christmas decorations and see what you’ll need to refresh or replace for the season.

7. Start Setting Up Your Holiday Calendar to Keep Stress Away

Another key thing to do in preparation for the holidays is to make sure you plan your holiday calendar in advance. Schedule and take note of parties, events, or travel plans as soon as you become aware of them to make sure your calendar doesn’t get overbooked. You may also want to create a schedule and plan to do certain tasks weeks in advance of the holiday. For example, take family pictures for cards or holiday social media posts, plan baking days or cookie swaps, and plan any special family traditions.

8. Relax

You’ve got plenty of time to get these things done and taken care of when you start early. With a bit of thought and preparation, you can be ready for Christmas well in advance, and with the right gift choices, you can have a gift at the ready any time you need one.


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