8 Things for a Perfect Fall Weekend

8 Things for a Perfect Fall Weekend

Put together a memorable fall weekend with the right essentials. In this article, you’ll discover eight of our favorite things for making the most of fall weekends. Whether you prefer a mini-staycation or have plans to go out, these items have you covered.

Cozy Loungewear

There’s nothing like loungewear for a cozy fall weekend at home. Of course, you can also wear women’s loungewear when running errands or even going to the gym. There are plenty of comfy apparel pieces that are also on-trend for fall.

Pair women’s joggers with a cotton T-shirt and a fleece-lined hoodie, or you could wear a monochromatic sweatshirt-and-sweatpants combo with athletic shoes in a contrasting color. For a fashion-forward look, match your handbag, backpack or tote with your footwear. Or create an Ombre look with separates in the same color but in light and dark shades; for example, mint and emerald or blush and raspberry.

Women’s sleepwear can also double as loungewear for a day spent binge-watching your favorite show or getting a head-start on holiday gift wrapping. There are women’s pajama sets in coordinated styles that come with flannel pants and a matching top. PJ tops vary from buttoned styles to pullover cotton tops that resemble long-sleeve T-shirts.

Plush Slippers

When dressing for your laid-back fall weekend, treat your feet to a pair of super-soft slippers. There are cushioned slides, booties and moccasin slippers, along with various other styles. You’ll find pairs crafted with flannel, Sherpa, fleece, and other cozy materials.

Slippers also make an excellent gift for someone special. If you’ll be spending your fall weekend with family, friends, or a romantic partner, treat them to a new pair of plush slippers so everyone can be comfortable. PJs or sweats with slippers is an ideal outfit for watching movies on the sofa or sipping cider while working on a jigsaw puzzle. Family board game night is another idea—or you can go high-tech with a family video-game tournament.

Flannel Bedding

Fall is an ideal season to change your bedding. While Supima cotton sheets with a percale knit are an excellent choice for spring and summer, you may want to warm things up a bit for fall and winter. Flannel sheets are made from ultra-soft brushed cotton and come in colors and prints to complement the rest of your bedroom.

You can also change your duvet cover for the season. There are flannel buffalo-check duvet covers that are ideal for use through the cold weather season. They come in different color schemes. For example you might find red-and-black or black-and-white. You can match them with sheets, window treatments and decorative pillows for an inviting ambiance.

Cuddly Throw Blankets

Another thing you’ll want to have on hand is one or more cuddly throw blankets. You can’t really have too many, as they’re perfect for tossing over the arm of a recliner or over the back of the sofa. You can layer one over the foot of your bed, too. Throw blankets also make great holiday gifts, so you might want to pick up a few extras for giving.

Scented Candles

Impart the element of light and fragrance to any room with scented candles. There are plenty of fall scents from which to choose, and they come in various sizes. You can place one in the kitchen, one in the bath, and a grouping of candles on the mantel for a soft glow. Plus, you can opt for clean-burning soy candles in glass jars and pillar candles in varying heights. You’ll also find an array of candleholders for tea lights, taper and pillar candle styles. Just like with throw blankets, candles are excellent gifts for virtually any occasion.

Casual Outfits

One of the most important aspects of planning a perfect fall weekend is fashion. In addition to the previously mentioned loungewear, plan out some casual outfits to wear for a day date or evening out. Leggings are a fall wardrobe staple—they’re warm, classic, and they pair well with everything from tunic tops to untucked flannel shirts and any hip-length sweater. Slip into a pair of calf-high boots or ankle boots and accessorize with a patterned scarf for a coordinated fall look.

If you prefer jeans, there are plenty of styles to pair with all your fall tops and sweaters. Skinny jeans work with tunics and sweaters, while straight-leg jeans look rustic and stylish with flannels. High-rise jeans are a retro-inspired trend, while jeggings offer the comfort and stretch of leggings with the appearance of fitted denim.

Fun Fall Activities

Now that you’ve got some inspiration regarding home décor and fall apparel, it’s time to think of how you’d like to spend your fall weekend. The perfect weekend is one that contains activities you enjoy, whether that happens to be a day spent hiking in the woods or strolling through the shops. If you’re a homebody, you don’t have to go out at all. Order in, cuddle up, and enjoy the comforts of your living space.


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