Theme Park Outfit Ideas for Girls

Theme Park Outfit Ideas for Girls

A trip to a theme park is a common childhood experience. Today, there are almost 500 theme parks in the United States alone! Each state has its own set of favorites. There’s so much to do at theme parks—swimming, riding the rides, interacting with mascots, and so much more! When hanging out at theme parks, it’s best to feel as comfortable as possible. Kids especially love to take off and run due to the sheer excitement. You may also want to consider clothes that are easy to wash because kids have the tendency to accidentally dirty their clothes. If you’re looking for cute outfit ideas for girls that’ll keep them comfortable—plus are easy to clean—check out our ideas.

Graphic T-Shirt + Shorts

A tee plus shorts is a great outfit idea for girls for a trip to a theme park. Consider girls’ graphic tees featuring their favorite cartoon characters, such as princesses or their favorite animals. Or perhaps find tees with other graphics they’d love, such as a unicorn, rainbow, or hearts. Solid t-shirts will match most of their bottoms—from neutral tones to pastel shades. The sleeve’s length depends on the season—for fall or early winter, a long-sleeved T-shirt will provide a bit of warmth. On a really hot day, consider a tank top. You can also look for moisture-wicking tops that can move with her while keeping her as dry as possible.

Top + Skort

A girl’s skort gives her the option of looking as cute as possible. A skirt with shorts underneath is okay, but she’ll have to worry about the hassle of wearing two items at once. A skort has shorts built-in already. They’ll allow her to jump, skip, and enjoy her favorite rides without feeling embarrassed. Figure out her favorite style—whether that’s denim or plaid. She can style her skort however she pleases—with a tank top or a tee.

Hoodie + Leggings

In some places during early spring or fall, the weather may be a bit on the chilly side. Comfy clothes for colder weather may be the way to go. She probably already has plenty of hoodies hanging in her closet that she can wear to keep nice and toasty. She can pair her hoodie with her favorite pair of leggings. Alternatively, a sweatshirt and joggers can both work for this outfit.

Shirt + Jeans

This outfit is great for any time of the year but better in early spring or fall. Quality jeans may prove to be too warm for summer’s sun. But no matter when she wears this outfit, it’ll surely be a hit! When choosing the shirt, she might want to stick to themes popular with that season. For example, pastels, florals, and neutral tones work well in spring. Burgundy, paisley, and burnt orange fit in well in the fall. If she gets too hot and is wearing a top underneath her shirt, she can always tie her shirt around her waist to let her skin breathe.

In terms of her jeans, let her wear whatever she feels will allow her to showcase her style and personality. Yes, plain jeans can match any top she wears. However, let her have a bit of fun with jeans featuring all-over studs, distressing, rhinestones, fading, and any other embellishments. She can opt for red jeans instead of classic blue.


Some theme parks have a water park inside. Kids love splashing around and diving into the pool. Other theme parks primarily consist of nothing but water rides. If you are heading to a water park or sticking to water rides, find comfortable and stylish swimsuits for girls for her to wear. There are plenty to choose from, such as bikinis, tankinis, and skirted one-piece swimsuits. However, certain girls’ swimsuits work better based on her situation. For example, rash guards provide more coverage for girls with skin conditions. Quality swimsuits usually offer sun protection. Match her swimsuits with a girls’ cover-ups for when she wants to head over to the concession stand for yummy snacks and drinks.

Layer Her Outfits

If she’ll be enjoying her time at the theme park when it’s a wee bit chilly outside, layering provides the opportunity to keep her warm yet stylish. Denim, bomber, and track jackets are also stylish pieces that’ll add to her overall ensemble. Plus, they’re casual enough for the occasion.

Don’t Forget Accessories!

Elevate her overall looks by finding accents she can wear. For bright days, baseball caps, bucket hats, and visors will protect her eyes from sun rays. For chilly days, a beanie can add an extra dose of warmth. Backpacks and drawstring bags will allow her to store snacks and toy prizes.

When determining the best outfits for girls for theme parks, keep in mind the season. She’ll be out all day long, so she wouldn’t want to be too hot or cold. Also, how long will it take to get to your destination? Some people grow up going on long road trips to theme parks. However, your destination might be right around the corner. Finally, how many days will you visit the park? You might want a few comfortable and cute outfits that’ll last. Hopefully, our list of theme park outfits for girls will spark an idea or two for you!


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