The Ultimate Guide to Travel Toiletries

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Toiletries

We know we are supposed to pack toiletries when traveling. The things that are left behind and missed tend to be in this group. Most of us have a vague idea of what is included in the term, but there are times when we wonder if anything and everything could fall under "toiletries." And even more pressing, which do we need for our upcoming trip? Good question. First, what defines "toiletries?"

Toiletries encompass the category of things that are relatively small and help you maintain personal hygiene and personal care.

Now, which ones should you bring? Another good question. Your choices depend on what kind of person you are and where you're going. An additional factor is the length of time you will be traveling, though this will mostly impact the amount of each thing you bring, not necessarily what you end up choosing. Let's take a look at some of the main toiletries to remember when traveling.


One of the important items for at least giving the impression that you maintain your hygiene, deodorant tends to be easily packed and easily forgotten. You want to make sure it is the kind that doesn't leave behind residue on your black dresses or tank tops since you don't have as many as you normally do. Remember this one on your trip, especially if you are the kind with sensitive skin or if you are going to a place where finding a replacement may be a problem.

Dental Essentials

Missing these toiletries will end up being way more obvious than anyone wants it to be. Brushing and flossing every day is critical both for cleaning the food out of your smile and for keeping your breath acceptable to the general public. Dental health is also important to your health in general. Lack of oral hygiene leads to the development of bacteria and disease in your mouth, which, if untreated, can spread and impact other parts of you including your heart, lungs, and brain. Make sure you make your toothbrush and toothpaste a priority when packing.

Shower Essentials

Cleanliness is an obvious part of personal hygiene, but this one is a little more dependent on your location. If soap, shampoo, and conditioner are of low quality or hard to come by in the area you're visiting, you want to bring these with you. A camping trip in particular calls for these to be on the list. Hiking boots and athletic shorts are great, but they don't keep out all

Facial Care

Your face requires a different kind of care than your body and hair, so facial care gets its own section. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, however, you take care of your skin, be sure to give it some extra attention while traveling. Travel inconveniences, being in a new environment, and a different schedule can all contribute to stress you will want to wash away at the end of the day. Make sure to pack the toiletries that can allow you to do just that.


If some of us forgot our makeup, we would be unrecognizable! Though it may be an interesting exercise in appreciating our natural beauty, most of us need some makeup to feel normal. You do have limited space though, and you are going to a place where you are supposed to be able to relax without having to worry too much about what other people are thinking. Choose only those things you absolutely can't do without and forget the rest!

Feminine Hygiene Products

If your trip is happening at a certain time of the month or is scheduled to extend into that special time, don't be caught unawares! Nothing is more annoying than having to try and find a grocery store to get some generic feminine care products when you could bring your preferred products from home. Having some on hand, even if your traveling is outside of your time, gives you peace of mind and a backup in case of the unexpected, both for you and anyone else who may have a feminine emergency. Additionally, consider taking along dark underwear like Ellen Tracy bras and underwear, just in case.

Hair Accessories

Don't forget your brush and hair ties! These are things we take for granted in our bathrooms, and so are much more likely to walk out the door without them. You need a few things, though the full extent depends on the occasion. A little hair product wouldn't go amiss either since, whether it is a vacation or a work trip, you want your hair to be healthy, lustrous, and manageable. Hair product you can probably keep to the basics, especially if you're on vacation. Whatever you choose, take care of your hair!

Nail Care

Do you like hangnails, fraying cuticles, or broken nails? Probably not. And you won't like them any better when traveling. Most nail kits are small and appreciable when the need arises. This one may seem unimportant, but you won't regret bringing a couple of things along.

Bug Repellant

This makes the list because it is better to have and not need than to need and not have. Missing this item can lead to a very uncomfortable trip, so having some available (some that you're sure actually works) can take away one more potential problem from your beautiful travel adventure. Having some light, well-fitting, long-sleeved T-shirts can help here, too.

Now that you have all your toiletries, you can travel with tranquility knowing that you have everything you might need from home safe in your suitcase.


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