The Ultimate Cottagecore Trend Guide for Men

The Ultimate Cottagecore Trend Guide for Men

Fashion and home design trends seem to come and go in seasons, but classic looks keep on coming back. During recent times, people worldwide became nostalgic about the simplicity of a cozy home and countryside scenes. This fueled the flame for a budding movement called cottagecore,: where men in tweed and ladies in peasant dresses embrace a simple life that harmonizes with nature. This aesthetic has only grown during 2020 and into 2021, flooding social media feeds with picture-perfect scenes of flower headdresses and a simple lifestyle.

You don’t have to look far to find influencers who are passionate about this nostalgic aesthetic. Many men on social media own the cottagecore lifestyle. For example, on Instagram, David Beckham basks in the country landscape while wearing tweed. Comfortable men’s flannel shirts are full of a country vibe are also part of this look. This relaxed “grandpa” style is cozy, humble, and low-key on-trend. If you want to get on board with this comfortable aesthetic, check out this quick cottagecore guide for men.

Cottagecore Origins

Cottagecore is a retro-rustic aesthetic seen as early as 2017 online, but it became a visible movement around 2019. Its growth can be greatly attributed to Tik Tok influencers who started to showcase their rustic outfits and “throwback” hobbies like knitting and harvesting crops. The rise of the digital age and modern conveniences triggered a nostalgic desire for the simpler days of the past. As a result, many have embraced this cottagecore lifestyle to relieve stress and establish a tight-knit community based on sustainability and comfort.

Cottagecore came into full force in 2020 when people were encouraged to stay at home. This challenged people to find new ways to enjoy their homes, which led them to find refuge outdoors, making gardens, building sheds, and doing handmade crafts. For men, cottagecore isn’t just a lifestyle but a mindset too. It’s about living off the work of your hands and embracing the beautiful simplicity of life. How you dress and decorate your home reflects this movement. This cottagecore guide will show you how to dress and look the part.

Your Cottagecore Home

Cottagecore is all about being cozy and sustainable at home. It’s making your décor, minimizing waste, and repurposing old items. Thrifting and repurposing antiques are huge in this movement. You will see reclaimed furniture full of character and charm—old-school desks, drawers, and tables that are sanded and refinished while retaining elements of their imperfect and aged surfaces.

Cottagecore homes also bring natural elements indoors like flowers, dried plants, and living potted plants like small trees inside. These plants don’t just look pretty, and they also help purify the air and give the home an indoors-outdoors feel. The color palette is natural, warm, and neutral-dominant. Think about a classic prairie cabin, and you’re getting close to what cottagecore embodies.

Cottagecore Outfits for Men

Cottagecore outfits reflect the same values as a cottagecore home. Men who embrace this lifestyle in their clothing fashion tend to favor natural-colored hues and neutrals. The rich textures and neutral tone of tweed are highly on-trend in the cottagecore world. You’ll also find lived-in men’s shoes like Chelsea boots with worn-out men’s jeans or corduroy pants.

Baggy jackets, especially in tweed, are a staple. Anything made out of natural materials like 100% cotton, wool, cashmere, and other knits is especially on-trend. A men’s sweater that is chunky but slightly fitted are huge in this aesthetic because they embody the cozy and low-key vibe of this movement. If you ever need any fresh inspiration about building a cottagecore outfit, go to Instagram and explore the #cottagecore hashtag.

Cottagecore Outdoor Living

Now that you know how to decorate your home and what outfits to wear, the finishing touch is your outdoor environment. Being outdoors is huge in the cottagecore lifestyle, so it’s important to optimize your yard to fit this trend. Whether you have an apartment balcony or two acres of land surrounding your home, you can incorporate soothing outdoor environments. Install shelters like gazebos and pergolas in a large yard to extend your time outside in the rainy and hot months.

Many cottagecore homes also have a garden of some variety. You may prefer just a summer garden or install a greenhouse that you can tend to around the year. It can get hot when you work on these outdoor projects, so wear breathable men’s cotton tops to beat the heat while wearing a natural material!

Cottagecore isn’t just a trend; it’s a way of life. By following this guide, you can transform your home, outfits, and lifestyle to reflect this relaxing and cozy aesthetic.


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