The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

As far as special occasions go, it doesn’t get much sweeter than a baby shower. From pastel-hued party décor to cute games and lots of photo ops with the (always glowing, of course!) expectant parents, baby showers are certainly special. And, of course, when you’re celebrating such a big life event for your friend or family member, plus their new little one on the way, you want to bring the perfect gift.

While your presence is always a present at events like these, the gift component of a baby shower is definitely important. This is a chance to shower the growing family with thoughtful, practical, and meaningful gifts that’ll add a little help (and sweetness!) to this next phase of their lives. So, before you choose a gift, there are a few things you should consider. Read on for some tips for navigating the world of baby shower gifts, and some gift ideas that might be perfect for an upcoming shower.

Know Your Audience

Okay, so now we’re thinking about a bunch of teeny, little babies doing cute little baby things in a movie theatre, but we digress. In this case, that’s not the exact audience we’re talking about, but it’s still a nice mental image.

What we really mean by this is to use what you know about the expectant parents to guide your gift-giving. In many cases, they’ll have an online registry that you should be sure to check out before you pick out your baby shower gift. That said, you aren’t obligated to stick to the registry if you have a really unique gift in mind. However, this does depend a bit on the parents and your relationship with them. Check the invitation for any clues about this if you aren’t sure! Or you can absolutely pick something from the registry, and find another baby gift that really speaks to you to complement your selection from the registry.

There are other factors to keep in mind; for example, some parents might be really into the idea of gendered gifts, while other parents might want to keep things super gender-neutral. Or maybe the expectant parents already have a few kids, so they might not need as many essentials as first-time parents. These are the types of things to consider before you pick out your gift!

Presentation is Everything

While we don’t mean that presentation is literally everything, it is a great way to elevate your gift.

One idea we love for baby showers is to take something like an extra-large tote bag and use this as a gift bag. You can make this even more thoughtful by adding a monogram, like the family’s last name, or the baby’s initials if you already know their name. Fill the tote with tissue paper and put your gift or gifts inside of the tote—the tote in itself then becomes part of your gift, as the new parents can use it later for visits to the park or even for keeping things organized in the nursery.

Aside from a tote, a nice woven basket, a gift bag with a cute baby-themed print, or adding touches like pressed flowers to some eco-friendly wrapping paper are all other lovely ways to present your presents!

Can’t Go Wrong with Soft and Sweet

When it comes to baby shower gifts, going with something sweet, thoughtful, soft, and cute, is always a super safe bet.

Personalized gifts are a nice touch. So, in keeping with the theme outlined above, opt for something like a super-soft throw blanket and add a monogram to make it extra special. Cloudlike blankets are a great addition to a nursing chair, or for afternoon naps the sleepy new parents will take with their little one.

Personalized towels for kids are another fantastic option, as they check all the marks. Go for a soft cotton baby towel with an adorable elephant or ducky hood. Beyond being soft and cute, you can also make this gift sweet and thoughtful by adding a monogram.

Other fun gifts, like little plushies, special onesies that represent something about your relationship with the family, and cute personalized touches for the nursery are also great gifts to add to bigger gifts you might select from the registry. Curating a gift basket or tote filled with these types of goodies is always a great route to take for a baby shower.

New Parents Love All Things Practical

While new parents will love all of the soft and sweet gifts they’ll receive, keep in mind that you can also opt to go the more practical route.

The registry will likely be full of these types of gifts, like tummy time mats, diapers or the ability to contribute to a diaper fund, and things like a bottle drying rack. We also always suggest gifts that’ll help keep the new parents feeling organized in their space, like canvas storage baskets and bins or storing children's toys when not in use or organizing baby clothes.

By following this guide to baby shower gifting, you can’t go wrong! Congratulations to the new parents—and to you, since it’s always amazing to have a new baby in your life to coo over.


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