Putting Together the Perfect Outfit for a Bridal Shower: Tips for Men

Putting Together the Perfect Outfit for a Bridal Shower: Tips for Men

A bridal shower is an exciting event for everyone who attends: the bride- and groom-to-be and their families and friends. While bridal showers were traditionally for women only with an optional late appearance by the groom, the times are changing. These days, wedding showers are whatever the couple wants them to be, so co-ed showers are becoming much more popular!

If you’re one of the lucky men invited to a bridal shower, you’ll need to dress the part. Here are our tips for putting together the perfect men’s bridal shower outfit!

Dress to the Theme

Many modern weddings have specially selected colors, flowers, and other themes for their special day. If this is the case for the shower you’re heading to, dress to the theme! You want to be comfortable and look great without upstaging the bride’s or groom’s party. If the wedding color is a pastel purple, consider lavender men’s dress shirts or other colors similar to the theme! For events that don’t have specific theming or dress code requests, you can always ask the shower organizers what the desired manner of dress is. It’s a celebration and it’s supposed to be fun, so don’t get too stressed about meeting a theme. Just do your best and dress your best!

Casual Meets Semi-Formal: Wear Your Sunday Best

When you’re choosing an outfit for a bridal shower or other wedding event, make sure you’re looking your best. For events that fall somewhere on this casual-semi-formal spectrum, it’s a great general rule of thumb to wear your Sunday best. Church clothes, grandmother’s house attire, special holiday dress-up pieces—however you want to look at it. Basically, your outfit should be semi-formal enough that you would fit in well at a church event. It’s like formal light! So it’s probably best to rule out jeans in favor of dress pants on this one! Conservative is key.

If you’re unsure what to wear, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Better to wear a men’s suit and take off your jacket than show up in shorts and have nothing else to wear! Plus, you’ll look and feel great in your formal wear. It’s a fun occasion to get dressed up and look your best, so go all out for your wedding shower ensemble!

Dress for Style and Comfort

Who says style and comfort can’t meet in the middle? For a celebration like a wedding shower, you’ll need to be ready for any activities, movement, or games the party might have. To be ready for everything, you’ll want to dress for both style and comfort. Dancing, mingling, and playing games are all typical for shower events, so set yourself up to stay comfortable throughout the whole event. From sweaters and polos to cotton dress shirts and comfortable men’s dress pants, you can look and feel your best at any bridal shower!

Avoid New Fancy Footwear

Picture it: You’re heading to a party in your brand-new pair of dress shoes. You look great, but as the day passes, you start to notice you don’t feel great. They’re too tight, too new, too whatever, but you’re uncomfortable and it’s ruining your good time. Sound familiar? To avoid a footwear fiasco, don’t wear new fancy shoes that will ultimately end up hurting your feet! Make sure your dress shoes are both stylish and comfortable, and your feet will thank you.

Light Layers Are Key

No matter the weather or season of your event, be ready for anything with light layers! Pair your favorite men’s blazers with your best dress pants, or go for a matching suit set. If you get hot or feel overdressed, you can remove your jacket! If it gets colder or the event carries on later into the evening, you’ll be set with your extra layer. For even more layered protection, wear a cardigan or light sweater underneath your suit jacket. Vests are another great option that can keep you warm and maintain your style! Whatever light layers you choose, they’re sure to keep you looking and feeling your best for the entire event.

In Praise of Neck Ties

While it’s not necessarily required, a bridal shower is an excellent occasion to break out your collection of men’s ties. A tie is a one-step, easy add-on that can take your outfit to the next level with minimal effort. Plus, everyone looks nice in them! Add a tie on top of your dress shirt and you’ll look and feel great in your shower ensemble. Plus, if it gets uncomfortable as the event goes on, you can always loosen it or even take it off!

This season, look and feel your best at every bridal shower and wedding event. When in doubt, dress to impress, and make sure you prioritize your comfort and movement during the event. With these outfit tips, you’re sure to have your best ensemble ever!


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