The Complete Beginner's Guide to Jeans for Men.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Jeans for Men.

Men's Jeans are that essential wardrobe pick when the desire for comfort equals the desire to look great. Like any pair of dress pants or chinos, you're going to come across a wide variety of explanations as to how high or low the waist or inseam is and how the pant leg is cut or what the material is made of, and all of this seems a bit daunting when you intended to go out and get a good pair of jeans, not a lecture. Well, this article will help you go directly into the Lands' End online catalog, get what you need, and get out with plenty of time for the other tasks you've been meaning to hop on.

Straight fit vs. Slim fit – which should I try first?

The way jeans are cut is one of the most important decisions when purchasing jeans. Do you like pants that fit the form of your legs without getting too tight or do you prefer pants that fit squarely and avoid tightness altogether?

While both Straight fit and Slim fits can serve you well, you ought to try out both since they're two essential items for your closet.

What does comfort waist mean?

Comfort waist is flexible to your shape. We all know what it's like on New Year's Day when we promise to ourselves: "By Spring I'll be ready to wear those pants again, no doubt about it." Seeing as that's lost time with our favorite jeans or chinos, Lands' End uses two elastic side tabs on both sides of the waist that allow you to comfortably adjust your pants. It's also great when you're tucking in a shirt so that you don't get that tight squeeze around your hips. Sound like your perfect fit? Check out our men's elastic waist jeans.

Do I want stretch or 100% cotton jeans?

Stretch jeans are great for those who need an extra pep in their step when the fit is a bit tighter. Slim-fit jeans will have that added stretch. 100% cotton is for those who are looking for those great classic jeans. These are the original jeans, the way they used to make them, but Lands' End made an effort to make them today. For you.

How do I wash my jeans?

The answer to that age-old question involves a handful of careful tips to consider:

  • You don't have to wash your jeans after each use as you do with a tee shirt. Denim is a high-quality fabric that can handle a few good uses before requiring the help of a washing machine.
  • When your jeans are ready for washing, use a cold, delicate cycle. Hot water can shrink those jeans over time, so it's a good habit to machine-wash cold.
  • Avoid bleach at all costs as it will take some of that precious color away.
  • If there is a stain, spot clean it with a clean rag and liquid detergent; rub it in, then handwash what remains with cold water. If that was the only reason you wanted to wash them, then you saved yourself a load of laundry.
  • Take them out of the washer, shake them a few times, and hang them on a drying rack.

Do I need to wear a belt?

Yes. You should always wear a belt. That said, you're free to do what you want because you know what you like better than anybody else.

Can guys over 30 wear slim-fit jeans?

The short answer: yes. The long answer is more of a rant about age being "just a number." Nobody is going to walk up to you and shame you into wearing what your birth certificate assumes you should be wearing. You also won't be judged for wearing some good-looking slim-fit jeans. Now if you're uncomfortable wearing them, that's nothing against you, that's why we're proud of our options. But if you're eyeing a sharp-looking pair of slim-fit jeans that are just your size, then seize the moment. They're yours.


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